Learn how to take care of your hair in summer

Learn how to take care of your hair in summer

Summer is just around the corner. You must learn to take care of your hair in summer if you want to show off a beautiful mane in the coming months and therefore, from Desancho Estilistas , we have wanted to make a compilation in this article of all the information that will help you take care of and maintain your incredible hair. .

Why is it important to take care of your hair in summer?

All year round it is important to take care of your hair, however, in summer it becomes even more important. Why? Because it is a time when hair is damaged much more, mainly due to high temperatures, chlorine in swimming pools, sea salt, and so on.

How to protect hair in summer?

Do you wonder how to protect your hair in summer? It is simpler than you think, you just have to put your heart into it and do the following: protect, clean and nourish.

To protect it, we will only have to put on a sunscreen for our hair in gel, foam or spray, and as we do on the skin, we will have to repeat the action as many times as necessary, especially if we are at the beach or pool and we we bathe.

The second thing we have told you is cleaning. We must clean our hair properly when we return from the beach or the pool. To do this, we must use fresh water and then wash it carefully with a specific product.

Lastly, nurture. How? Using conditioners with extra hydration or whatever is needed.

10 tips to protect your hair during the summer

Use moisturizing shampoo

Next, we give you tips to take care of your hair in summer . Follow them to the slit and you will see what your hair looks like this summer!

Use cold water

In summer we should take the opportunity to use cold water. It is very beneficial for the hair and the scalp as it improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate waste from the day and provides an extra shine that, precisely at this time, we need.

Use moisturizing masks

If you are used to using conditioners, we recommend that you change them for moisturizing masks, even if it is one or two months, the months where the hair suffers the most.

Avoid strappy hairstyles

Protecting hair in summer also means avoiding strappy hairstyles, hairstyles that usually make hair weaker and brittle.

Try to cover your hair

To try to prevent the sun from hitting your hair directly, it is convenient to cover your hair with a cap, scarf, hat …

Avoid high temperatures

By this we mean that you avoid utensils that provide a lot of heat to the hair, such as dryers or irons. It is true that they have evolved a lot and many of them no longer spoil the hair so much, but still always … much better to dry it in the open air!

Use sun protection

One of the tips for taking care of your hair in summer is to use sunscreen. These, as we told you before, are not only for the skin. Hair needs it too.

Rinse your hair if you go to the beach or the pool

Rinse your hair after being in the pool or on the beach. It is essential to take care of it since you will see how salt or chlorine are completely eliminated from the mane. Make it with fresh water and highly recommended with cold water.

Cut the ends

You cut the ends after the summer to sanitize the hair. A minimum of 5 centimeters can make you look much healthier.

Using moisturizing oils overnight

In summer the hair dries a lot, mainly due to the sun, the beach and the pool, as we told you. Nothing happens to use oils during the night capable of providing the extra hydration we need.

Where to take care of your hair during the summer in Valencia?

Can’t you take care of your hair alone these months? Come to Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia . We have a team of professionals and the best products on the market to take care of your hair, its cut and its color in the most complicated months for hair and we also know all the summer color trends .

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