Redken’s new coloring: HD Resolution

Hair color this spring is a detail that you have to take care of a lot, as it has established itself as the ‘gesture’ of beauty capable of starring in both the catwalks and the streets of the city.

At Desancho Estilistas , our [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , we know how important hair color is for any woman’s look. For this reason, this year, we have brought [ss_kw]Redken’s new hair color[/ss_kw] : HD Resolution to our [ss_kw]salon[/ss_kw] .

This coloration is capable of completely changing the image of a person, creating a ‘mirror effect’ very similar to that of high-resolution images.

This Redken creation has been inspired by all the HD (Higth Definition) makeup that various brands have launched on the market in recent years, products capable of enhancing the luminosity of the face and eliminating any imperfection.

These same advantages are what Redken has achieved, a spectacular, luminous and very radiant finish. What are you waiting for?

Redken HD Resolution color technology

HD Resolution is a demi-permanent hair color created for all women who want to achieve a change of style and look through a color that does not damage their hair. The HD Resolution product does not contain any type of product that is harmful to the hair, as it is free of ammonia and also the exposure time is considerably reduced, especially compared to permanent coloring.

Why is Redken coloring so popular?

Current [ss_kw]trends in hair coloring[/ss_kw] tend towards naturalness and that is what Redken has achieved, a color capable of providing luminosity and reflections but always with a very fresh and natural touch.

The women of the 21st century do not want to be a slave to coloring and also do not want to damage their manes, therefore, in many cases, they renounce coloring and try to preserve their natural hair color.

However, now and thanks to Redken’s coloring, that is possible! With the product you can wear a natural look and with very ‘surfer’ and subtle reflections perfect for this spring-summer season. With the right product and technique, no one will notice your coloring!

Forget about the root effect!

With this new product you can forget about the annoying ‘root effect’ so hated by all women. With this coloring you will not have the need to return to your hairdresser to touch up the root of your hair, you will only do it because you want, not out of obligation. Its advantages, in addition to this hated effect, are numerous: luminosity, coverage, shine, subtlety, elegance, and so on.

Come to our hairdresser in Valencia and discover the best products on the market in the hands of the best professionals: Root Fusion , PH Bonder , and many others.

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