Beard trends in 2020

Beards were, for a time, the great forgotten. However, a few years ago they broke into fashion again, and this time, to stay. For this reason, as with the hairstyle, we also have a list of trends for the beard in this 2020.

Beards were, for a time, the great forgotten. However, a few years ago they broke into fashion again, and this time, to stay.

For this reason, as with the hairstyle, we also have a list of [ss_kw]trends for the beard[/ss_kw] in this 2020 . In DeSancho stylists we tell you what are the styles that you will see and wear this year.

What beards are going to be in fashion in 2020?

Among the beard styles of 2020, many of the 2019 and previous years will remain. There are some guys that take a lot to care for and maintain, so men are not willing to give them up so easily.

However, music will have a very big influence on beards this year. Specifically, the trap. Singers of this style have quite recognizable facial hair that we see more and more in the streets. This trend consists of leaving the mustache thicker than the beard , but both quite short.

On the other hand, the fashion for bushy beards was an ordeal for those who grow irregularly and very slowly. This year they are in luck! They also wear practically non-existent beards , shaved to a minimum, but very delineated.

These are the main trends for beards of 2020. However, as we have already said, many from previous years will remain. Like the thickest, the hipster beard … With a small difference: gray hair is worn ! If you dyed your beard, in 2020 the time has come to stop doing it. Wear it natural!

Most common beard styles

Now that we know the trends for the beard, we are going to talk to you about those most common styles . Those that practically do not go out of style and we can see in many men on a day-to-day basis.

The carefree

This style is a classic among classics . It is, what we usually call, “3-day beard”. However, at first it was not a style in itself. But it was simply that, a beard that was allowed to grow without any care. At present, although the hair is allowed to grow in a disheveled way, the edges and some more rebellious hairs are taken care of so that, within its casual style, it looks neat.


Although this style may look like the raghead we talked about earlier, there is a big difference. In the vintage beard , the mustache stands out much more , which remains quite dense and strong, making a great contrast with a very shaved and well-groomed beard.

This type of beard is a perfect safe-conduct for those men whose mustache grows thicker than their beard, but they do not want to just grow a mustache. In addition, although it is a classic style (hence its name), retro is in fashion and worn with a casual look can be perfect.

Rock star

Rock stars have always created beard trends. But there is one of his styles that always stands out. It is about completely shaving the beard, leaving only a mustache and a little goatee . It is a type of beard that had been neglected a bit, but has returned strongly this year.


Although, today, any somewhat longer and busier beard can be considered hipster, the style is based on leaving both the mustache and the beard very long and tousled.

On the other hand, the beard without a mustache is also considered purely hipster. The only thing you have to keep in mind, whichever one you choose, is that, despite its obvious disheveled style and its longer-than-normal mustache, it has to be taken care of . A mistake that is made many times is to leave the beard completely to its free will. However, the hipster style, whether for clothing, hairstyle or beards, consists of taking care of it so much that it seems sloppy.

Soft beard

Finally, we will talk about the soft beard . This style is very similar to the one we have talked about before, but a little longer. That the whole chin looks quite shaded, without being a 3-day beard, but not a translucent beard either. In the middle is the key.

If you want to know more about care and trends for the beard of this 2020, at DeSancho Estilistas we help you.

Come to our hairdresser in Valencia and let yourself be advised!

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