Hairstyles with waves and braids

Hairstyles with waves and braids are back on trend this year 2019. This way of combing hair has been with us for decades and it seems that we cannot put it aside.

[ss_kw]Hairstyles with waves and braids[/ss_kw] are back on trend this year 2019. This way of combing hair has been with us for decades and it seems that we cannot put it aside.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we love [ss_kw]hairstyles with waves[/ss_kw] because they are the ones that provide a more natural air and are also perfect with any look and on any hair, regardless of the length of the hair.

In today’s article we present these five [ss_kw]hairstyles with braids and waves[/ss_kw] :

Waves and braids in the bob cut

This hairstyle is both romantic and sophisticated. It is perfect for almost any occasion and very simple to do, you only need to straighten your hair perfectly and then wave the part of the head with the most hair with very large waves and place a braid. What do you think about the idea?

Waves at the bottom of the mane with braided details

Bring all the action to the ends of your hair! It is one of the easiest [ss_kw]hairstyles with waves and braids[/ss_kw] to do. You have to curl the tip of the hair giving it all the low volume.

The loose hair is still a must have this season, even for events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, etc.

So that the loose hair adapts to the Latest trends we propose a loose hairstyle that combines light waves undone at the bottom, as we have mentioned, and a small braided detail in the front, for example, a small and fine braid made with the bangs. In the following image you can see how it looks.

Water waves and braids

The waves to the water are the most famous waves in recent years. We have seen water wave hairstyles in the movies, on catwalks, on the red carpet, almost anywhere! This year they will be less marked than ever and with braids. Remember that to make this hairstyle you have to make waves throughout your hair in the same direction and then brush your hair to achieve the desired “water wave effect”. Then you can add a braided detail or a more elaborate braided updo.

Next we show you one of the [ss_kw]hairstyles with waves to the water[/ss_kw] that Sienna Miller has worn that we like the most, a hairstyle to which you could add braids on the side of the head.

Picked up with waves and braids

The low updo with waves and braids is one of the updos that we like the most. It is an extremely elegant hairstyle and appropriate for the most sophisticated events of the year . It is also one of the wave hairstyles most chosen by brides and guests. We recommend that you go to a beauty salon for this hairstyle to be perfect. This will be the only way to achieve an incredible and long-lasting result. And if you have short hair, don’t worry! You can always use braided extensions .

Semi-gathered with waves and braids

It is the quintessential romantic hairstyle. This type of hairstyles is very natural and simple and to do it you only have to wave your hair and collect half of the hair with a braid, without the result being polished, as it would lose all its charm.

In the following image we show you an example of a more elaborate semi-collected with waves and braids.

If you want to be perfect and you don’t dare to try these hairstyles alone, come to Desancho Estilistas and put yourself in the hands of our team of professionals.

At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia , we select the best international trends in hairstyles and adapt them to your style.

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