K18: Desancho Estilistas Innovative Treatment to Revitalize Your Hair in the Salon and at Home

At Desancho Estilistas, in the heart of Valencia, we are committed to offering you the latest in hair treatments that not only transform your look in the salon, but also allow you to continue the care in the comfort of your own home. K18 is a clear example of our philosophy, an advanced treatment that restores your damaged hair and empowers you to maintain the results achieved.

The K18 Promise: Deep and Lasting Repair

Damage to the hair, caused by dyeing, bleaching, frequent use of heat tools or even environmental pollutants, may seem irreversible. However, the K18 formula challenges this notion. With its patented bioactive peptide, this treatment repairs broken disulfide bonds from the inside, restructuring the hair fiber and restoring hair to its natural integrity.

Key Benefits of K18 for Your Hair

  • Molecular Level Repair: K18 acts where other products do not, at the inner cortex of the hair, offering a genuine solution to damage rather than a simple surface fix.
  • Sulfate and Silicone-Free FormulaThe commitment to hair health goes beyond repair. K18 excludes ingredients that may cause build-up or additional stress to the hair, ensuring a pure and beneficial treatment.
  • Fast and Effective Results: In just 4 minutes, the hair begins its transformation, allowing users to continue with their usual routines without long waits.
  • Versatility for All: K18 is suitable for any type of hair, regardless of texture or pretreatment. This makes it an inclusive and essential product in any beauty routine.

Home Treatment Maintenance

What makes K18 even more special is that you can prolong and maximize its benefits at home. After the treatment at Desancho Estilistas, we will provide you with the product so that you can continue applying it according to our instructions, ensuring that your hair continues to look revitalized and full between visits to the salon.

This Month’s Special Promotion at Desancho Estilistas

And now, so that your hair is truly the focus of all eyes, we present the exclusive Star Pack, available this month at Desancho Estilistas. With this package, you will benefit from:

Tailor-made balayage + Shade EQ + Professional application of K18 + drying for 166€.

But that’s not all; you also get to take home the K18 treatment, so you can continue the care and keep your hair healthy and shiny for much longer.

Take advantage of our offer from Monday to Thursday and get this complete pack at an irresistible price, offering your hair the luxury and care it deserves.

And remember K18 is more than a treatment, it’s a game changer.

K18 is not just another treatment on your shelf; it is an investment in the future resilience and beauty of your hair. If you are looking for a transforming change, visit our hair salon in Valencia and trust K18, the definitive choice to repair, protect and beautify your hair.

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