Keratin, a miracle for your hair

At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia, we care about your hair, which is why we look for the best hair treatments for you.

At Desancho Estilistas, your [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , we care about your hair, which is why we look for the best hair treatments for you. One of the most demanded is [ss_kw]keratin[/ss_kw] , the pro-excellence hair treatment.

But … do you know what keratin is?

Keratin is a protein that is found in our body, specifically in hair, nails, skin and also in teeth. This protein has a very fibrous structure, insoluble in water and perfect for carrying out highly resistant skeletal functions.

That is why keratin has become the star product of hairdressers. Currently, beauty salons perform [ss_kw]keratin treatments[/ss_kw] for clients to show off radiant and healthy manes. The idea is that the hair always remains perfect despite the humidity and many other aspects such as frizz.

In the article ” Keratin: the treatment that smoothes and regenerates your hair “, we talked about some of the most outstanding advantages of this hair treatment:

  • Keratin is a natural treatment so it is perfect for any type of hair, even dyed manes.
  • Keratin results last for months, depending on your hair type.
  • Keratin manages to completely eliminate frizz from the hair.
  • With the keratin treatment you will get a completely repaired, healthy and regenerated mane.

On many occasions this treatment is related to the desired smooth mane. However, keratin is a hair treatment that has the function of cleansing, eliminating frizz and keeping hair hydrated and uniform.

However, after the treatment, because during the application process the hair is ironed to provide the necessary heat, it is true that the hair will be smoother than before.

Does keratin work on all manes equally?

Any hair treatment works differently in people and this is due to the type of hair of each of them.

However, in all hair the results can be optimal and this depends on the application of the product. For this reason, from Desancho Estilistas we recommend that you go to the best professionals.

Keratin Treatment in Valencia

Are you looking for a beauty salon where you can do the [ss_kw]Keratin[/ss_kw] treatment in Valencia? Come to Desancho Estilistas, we have a team of professionals who are experts in hair treatments that will help you to wear perfect hair this winter despite the humidity and weather changes.

Come to Desancho Estilistas! In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best treatments for your hair.

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