Root Fusion by Redken, perfect to cover your gray hair

The prestigious American brand Redken has developed the perfect product to cover gray hair: Root Fusion.

The prestigious American brand Redken has developed the perfect product to [ss_kw]cover gray hair[/ss_kw] : Root Fusion .

From Desancho Estilistas , our [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , we know that gray hair is the greatest enemy of women and although there are some celebrities who have joined the trend of graying their hair, most of us choose to hide them.

It is a true reality that approximately 60% of women touch up their hair at home between visits to the salon with the sole objective of camouflaging that grayish-white color that appears in their hair if you are careless a little.

For all these women, Root Fusion has reached the best centers, a unique product that will help you touch up the roots of your hair in a very simple way.

What is Root Fusion?

The product that Redken has created is not exactly a [ss_kw]gray hair dye[/ss_kw] , it is a type of spray designed to cover gray hair in a very short time.

Root Fusion allows you to color your hair in the best color for you. Currently there are 5 different shades (light brown, light blonde, dark brown, red and black) capable of covering all bases, with maximum coverage and with a texture so light that it does not weigh down the roots of the hair.

This product is not only applied to the roots, it is also suitable for the sides of the mane.

When do I need Root Fusion?

In this article we present some of the situations in which Root Fusion becomes one of the most essential products for you and your beauty look .

  1. When you don’t have time: either for personal or professional reasons, many women do not have enough time to go to the hairdresser as often as necessary. For this reason, Redken has developed this product, perfect for maintaining the best possible hair between visits to the beauty salon.
  2. When you are away from home: if you are away from home (traveling or wherever) and those ‘canitas’ that you hate so much appear, you can ‘spray’ the Redken spray on them to camouflage them quickly. The size of the spray is perfect for your suitcase, bag, etc., so discomfort will not be an excuse for you.
  3. When you get an unexpected plan: surely more than once you have an unexpected plan, you have not been ready and you have wondered [ss_kw]how to remove gray hair[/ss_kw] quickly. The Root Fusion, and in the words of Redken, is the “express salvation” of any woman because it will allow you to apply the shade that best suits you in a very short time.

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