Splashlights highlights, stripes of color lighter than your hair

Highlights never go out of style. In addition to giving shine, they manage to create an effect of volume and movement. The highlights give life to your hair! If you also want to achieve a daring and groundbreaking look, keep reading the new Desancho Estilistas proposal carefully.

Mechas : A trend that triumphs year after year

Years ago, coloring was used exclusively to hide white hair. Nothing to do with today. Today color floods everything! The most vibrant and daring tones such as greens, pinks, Klein blue or violets, coexist in harmony with ocher, blonde, reddish and brown. Anything goes to show off the hair of your dreams!

Getting a fresh and trendy look is in your hands. Surely, when it comes to coloring your hair, you face a common dilemma: dye or highlights? As the ultimate goal is to renew and give a different touch to your hair style, we can say that the choice is merely personal.

If you want to solve your doubts, this is what the stylists think:

The integral dye has the limitation of the “root effect” that will condition the result, forcing you to carry out constant touch-ups to equalize the tone. Wicks, on the other hand, are versatile and full of possibilities. For a reason, your success does not stop growing!

We are not just talking about the super famous California highlights. The possibilities are almost endless and that is why they are always one of the most demanded services in our hairdresser in Valencia . At De Sancho we like to innovate for you. That is why we have gone one step further and present you the evolution of the Californian women: Let’s welcome the new splashlights!

If you are daring, innovative and do not like to go unnoticed, the splashlights are for you. This technique consists of applying stripes of a lighter shade from side to side of the mane. Its advantages:

  • They bring light to the hair
  • They give visual volume
  • Soften the features
  • They give a fresh, dynamic and current image

Like all two-tone highlights, splashlights are perfect for increasing hair volume thanks to their optical effect. They are also ideal to achieve a sweet and romantic look, and of course, to liven up and carry any look.

As you may have seen, the sun naturally lightens hair. Are you going to give up that flattering effect after the holidays? The splashlights allow you to maintain the effect of the sun after the holidays as a fashionable alternative to the Californian ones. Check out the catwalks and copy the look!

We select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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