Unicorn hair, the new trend for the bravest

Are you one of those who join the most risky and innovative new trends? Then the unicorn hair fashion is what you need.

Are you one of those who join the most risky and innovative new trends ? Then the unicorn hair trend is what you need to achieve the most groundbreaking radical change of the moment. Do you want to know everything about this fashion that puts the colors of the rainbow in your hair? Head over to our hairdresser in Valencia and be amazed by this new proposal full of magic and personality. At Desancho Estilistas we bring you trends and adapt them for you!

What is the unicorn trend?

This fun and surprising fashion consists of softening the hair with pastel tones , choosing the colors that best suit your skin color. Or rather, you can choose any of the shades of the rainbow and look for the greater or lesser intensity of color until you get the tone or tones that best suit you. Then it consists of mixing the ones you like the most: dark and light blue at the ends , pale pink combined with light gray … choose your favorite combination and you can show off a wonderful and sweet unicorn mane.

How to choose the shades that best suit you?

Clear skin

If your complexion is rosy, pastel pink tones will be the perfect complement to your natural color. In addition to pink, peaches, gray with shades and pearlescent will also be perfect.

Golden skin

If you have a golden skin tone, your unicorn hair will look perfect with a combination of blue , turquoise , lavender , powdery lilac … the result will be incredible and in trendy colors!

Brown or tanned skin

Vibrant and energetic colors such as magenta, fuchsia, intense violet … The contrast of these colors with the intense tone of your skin will give you a very attractive appearance, full of strength and personality. Remember that the range of purple is perfect for tanned skin!

Celebrities joining the unicorn trend

In this article we introduce you to some of the celebrities who have joined one of the most daring trends of the moment: unicorn highlights.

1. Gigi Hadid

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The famous model, considered a true it-girl, has not thought twice and has joined this trend with highlights in fuchsia pink tones. Hadid has not done all her hair, as we will see later in other celebrities. She has opted for medium-to-tip highlights, keeping her usual blonde at the root of her hair.

2. Lady Gaga

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Singer Lady Gaga has also sported unicorn hair. On this occasion, Gaga has taken it in a bob cut in the following colors: half of the hair in pink and orange tones and the other half of the hair in a fantasy blue tone. All a daring!

3. Salma Hayek

The international actress Salma Hayek is another of the celebrities who has dared to wear unicorn hair. On this occasion, the actress has worn it with a very traditional cut (medium length) and with a fantasy pink color from the roots to the ends.

If you also want a unicorn mane, you just have to ask your trusted stylist for advice on the colors that best suit you and combine them in the way you like the most.

And a second tip: this type of coloring requires expert hands to achieve good results. Put yourself in the hands of good stylist hairdressers !

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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