5 Updos for weddings

From Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia, we tell you in this article which are the pickups for weddings of the season.

There is less and less time for one of the times when more weddings are celebrated: September.

For this reason, from Desancho Estilistas , our [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , we tell you in this article which are the [ss_kw]pickups for weddings[/ss_kw] of the season. These collected are perfect for both the bride and the guests.

    1. Water-wave buns : the vintage style is back in the 2017 weddings thanks to the low chignons with well-crafted water-waves. This is one of the [ss_kw]wedding hairstyles[/ss_kw] Inspired by the sophistication and elegance of the women of the 50s and 60s. It is perfect for all types of hair, both long, midi or short. There are many celebrities who wear this [ss_kw]hairstyle collected[/ss_kw] for different events.

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    1. Low ponytail: The low ponytail, like the wavy bun, is a very sophisticated hairstyle. Although it is one of the simplest [ss_kw]wedding hairstyles out[/ss_kw] there, it is still in high demand for its elegance. The low ponytail can be from polished to more undone, depending on the look you wear. Whether you are the bride or the guest, you will be perfect!

    1. Semi-collected side with curls: semi-collected are always the most romantic hairstyles out there and even more so if the hairstyle has curls and is placed on the side. It is a hairstyle a little more laborious but it is worth it because the result is spectacular. If you want to be the center of all eyes and give your look a sweet touch, this is your wedding hairstyle!

    1. Loose Hair: Loose hair is the latest trend in both brides and guests. Years ago it was very ‘rare’ to see a bride with loose hair, however, today it is much more common than you think. Naturalness, boho touches and comfort have taken over events, even weddings. This hairstyle can be worn from straight, to curly or with light waves to the water, a choice that should vary depending on your outfit and your accessories.

    1. Braids: Yes, braids are more fashionable than ever! It is one of the favorite collections of the most boho and / or vintage brides. There are many types of braids that can be worn on this big day. From lopsided, to straight, polished, more undone … The shape of the braid will vary depending on the style and taste you have.

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life, so we recommend that you put yourself in the hands of professionals to advise you and make you a hairstyle capable of capturing all eyes.

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