3 informal low pickups

The informal low updos are perfect hairstyles for summer days. In this article we present you 3 valid options for almost any occasion.

The informal low updos are perfect hairstyles for summer days. In this article we present you [ss_kw]3 informal hem collections[/ss_kw] valid for almost any occasion: informal hem collected with braids, informal hem collected with a bow and informal hem collected with waves to the water.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we know that all three are very casual and easy to do hairstyles. Do you dare to try?

1. Informal low collected with braids

There are a multitude of hairstyles with braids for the day, the night, the beach, the office … Have you ever tried a casual low updo with braids ? Braids are capable of providing that sweet, feminine and romantic touch to your looks so it is a good option if what you want is to enhance your femininity. In addition, this is a hairstyle that can be done with different types of braids, be it French, herringbone, etc. The only trick is to make the collected low to give it informality and that the braid is a little undone to give it freshness.

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2. Informal low collected with bow

These collected are suitable for all the events and places you want to go this summer, such as the beach or the pool, a dinner at a beach bar, a party, etc.

In addition, you can surely do it yourself because it is one of the [ss_kw]easy to do informal updos[/ss_kw] and you only need a hair tie and some hooks.

Go ahead and give your look a youthful and sophisticated touch with this informal updo with a bow!

Look at the one that actress Jennifer Lawrence is wearing, do you like it?

3. Casual low rise with waves

Waves in hair continue to rank as one of the favorite hairstyles for women at events. They are capable of providing a very classic and sophisticated touch to any look. These waves can also be used for [ss_kw]informal hair updos[/ss_kw] . It is enough to comb all the hair with waves and make a small updo that is more undone than polished. You can opt for bows, tails, braids …

With what type of hair can these updos be made?

These three hairstyles are perfectly valid for all women, whether they have long, midi or slightly shorter hair and also for those who have both straight hair and curly or wavy hair.

If you are still wondering [ss_kw]how to do an informal low[/ss_kw] pickup and want to wear one this summer, come to Desancho Estilistas, we have a team of professionals specialized in updos and hairstyles , both for any given day and for an important event.

If you want to know more about [ss_kw]informal collections,[/ss_kw] we recommend reading one of our previous posts: ” Informal collections for day to day “.

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