9 hairstyles and braids for summer

The summer season has just started and you have surely already enjoyed the first dip of summer. This season, comfort and ease of hairstyles are prioritized.

The summer season has just started and you have surely already enjoyed the first dip of summer. This season, comfort and ease of hairstyles are prioritized.

Therefore, from Desancho Estilistas , we do not lose sight of the [ss_kw]summer hairstyles of[/ss_kw] the season, proposals offered by the famous and that you can quickly adapt to your tastes.

In this post we review those proposals: [ss_kw]spring summer hairstyles[/ss_kw] for the pool and hairstyles with braids for summer that are in fashion. In addition, we tell you which celebrities have joined one of the trends and we show you in images how they look.

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4 hairstyles for the pool

If you are one of those who is not going to go out to the pool or the beach all summer … this section is for you! We talk about the [ss_kw]hairstyles for the pool[/ss_kw] that are worn this summer, incredible hairstyles and, also, easy to do, such as: pigtails, buns, surf waves, and the famous wet effect.


Low or pony tails. Ponytails are a practical and comfortable option to go to the pool without suffering to keep the look intact. After the dip, just gather the hair with a hair tie and… ready for the beach bar!

One of the celebrities with long hair who usually picks up her hair with a high and well polished ponytail is the singer Beyonce. Wear this hairstyle even to the biggest concerts and events. See how she looks in the image below!

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Nothing like a top knot or the classic low ballerina bun to keep each of your hair under control. Get inspired by the ones that Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian usually wear. They are perfect for the pool or the beach, and even for events in the most humid areas, as it will prevent the hair from looking ugly and frizzy! In the image below we show you the bow worn by actress Jlo, suitable for the pool and also for summer events.

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Wet effect

Is it summer and you don’t want to worry about your hair without giving up the top trends? Then yours is the pixie. You can have a fresh look by simply molding the front part back or to the sides and running your fingers soaked in a little fixing gel to maintain the wet effect . This hairstyle is not only valid for pixie cuts, more and more women with long hair wear it, because they get to be perfect in half a minute.

Here’s how South African actress Charlize Theron wears it. As you can see in the image below, he wears it in a very short mane and with the parting on one side of the head.

Surf waves

It is a classic of all summers. To keep your waves defined even after a bath, the secret is in the cut. Ask your hairdresser to make you caps to give volume and movement . Then you just have to use a texturizing product and shape several strands with your fingers to shape the waves. In the image below we show you the queen of surf waves: Gisele Bünchen. The Victoria’s Secret model has one of the most sent manes on the planet and, usually, she wears it with some pretty super subtle and summery surf waves. We love her look!

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5 braids for summer

As we have mentioned before, we also suggest some [ss_kw]braids for the summer[/ss_kw] , and we will tell you which celebrities wear them:

Headband braid

The headband braid is perfect to keep your hairstyle unalterable from morning to night, without the hair becoming dislodged or bothering your face when it comes to sunbathing. Afterwards, a good rinse and a touch of foam will suffice to give volume and ready for the night!

Many influencers bet on this summer hairstyle even for events. In the image below we can see the Spanish influencer Marta Carriedo wearing this braid.

Two braids

Perfect for long or midi hair ! You just have to separate the hair into two parts and braid both sides, leaving the braids very natural. You can do this hairstyle with a parting in the middle, side and even without parting, as Yolanda Hadid looks in the image below.

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Boxer braid

It is the fashionable hairstyle of influencers for a long time. It is a super comfortable hairstyle to go to the beach or the pool because it is a polished hairstyle that does not give heat and, in addition, it leaves the face very clear.

Chiara Ferragni is one of those who bets on this summer hairstyle regularly.

Lopsided braid

To achieve this look we propose a very natural finish with a side braid. The looser it is and the more strands come off, the closer it will be to the effect we are looking for. In addition to being comfortable, you will go to the last! Actress Blake Lively is a faithful follower of braids. This time we see her with a very unmade lopsided braid, perfect for the most casual moments of the summer.

A post shared by Blake Lively (@blakelively) on

Polished braid

It is one of the hairstyles of the moment! They have already been worn by Lily Aldrige, Cristina Pedroche or Karlie Kloss. They are super comfortable for moments at the pool, beach, etc.

Next we show you the pool look of the model Lily Aldrige.

Do you know of any other comfortable and easy-to-do [ss_kw]summer hairstyle[/ss_kw] ? Let us know in the comments!

And remember that if you want to get a hairstyle at the hairdresser in summer because you are going to a party or have an important event, you can come to Desancho Estilistas . In our hairdresser in Valencia we do all kinds of hairstyles: hairstyles with balayage highlights , curly hairstyles, short, long, etc.

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