Hair color trends in summer

At Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia, we already have for you the new hair dyes with the colors of summer. This year the trends in hair color bring us more vibrant and intense colors.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we already have for you the new hair dyes with the colors of summer. This year the [ss_kw]trends in hair color[/ss_kw] bring us more vibrant and intense colors.

Would you like to know what’s new in [ss_kw]hair color[/ss_kw] ? Our hairdressing stylists give you the keys in this post.

However, before talking about the most fashionable [ss_kw]hair color in summer[/ss_kw] … we tell you that this year the trends convey energy, optimism and above all great freedom when choosing.

Hair color trends

We tell you about the three main trends of the summer: platinum blonde, snowlights and coppers.

1. Platinum blonde

This blonde is a trend in hair coloring throughout the year, positioning itself at the top of the list of ‘trendy colors’, above many others. This blonde is the famous ‘Nordic blonde’, a hair color that was worn a long time ago and that has returned this season stomping. This shade of blonde is very drastic. You have to be careful and do it with professionals since otherwise your hair can suffer a lot, and even more in summer.

Platinum blonde is a color that, although it may seem monotonous to you, gives a lot of play with the nuances.

In relation to celebrities, there are many who have not resisted its charms and have succumbed to the power of platinum. One of them is the Spanish actress Ana Fernandez.

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2. Snowligths

It is the trend in coloring for those who want highlights . This trend maintains the platinum blonde in the hair, however this time it is done through platinum highlights in strategic points, with the aim of creating sparkles in the hair similar to those that can be seen in the snow. Do not confuse these techniques with balayage highlights ! As we have mentioned before, with these tones you have to be very careful, so it is recommended that you go to a professional center so that you can obtain the desired results. One of the latest celebrities to join this trend is Jennifer Lawrence. We love the result you have achieved!

3. Coppers

Copper tones are still in fashion! They continue on the list of the most demanded hair colors. Among the copper tones, there is one that is especially striking: the combination of red and bronze. It is the perfect shade for chestnuts and even redheads, as it brings a touch of incredible luminosity.

In addition, one of the advantages of this color is that, being a combination, you can choose the intensity, adapting it to your skin color, eyes, etc.

There are celebrities who wear it like nobody else! One of them is Emma Stone, who boasts her luminous and unique hair.

However, if you are tired of traditional colors and are looking for a more daring hair color, you can try one of these two:

  • Electric blue : the electric colors in the pink, green, purple or blue version are reserved for the most daring. We are left with blue. A cool and fun look!
  • Quartz rose : it is the star color of the season, it transmits calm and relaxation while you enjoy the sun and high temperatures. This ultra-feminine shade is perfect for a total look or to add light touches of color to your hair.

What hair color suits me

But, [ss_kw]what hair color to choose[/ss_kw] to be fashionable and favored? How [ss_kw]do I know which hair color suits me[/ss_kw] ?

To know which hair color is the most appropriate for you, you must take into account the following:

Eye color

Currently there are many women who choose their hair color according to the color of their eyes . It is a very successful way to select hair color, because the color you select will help you more or less highlight that important part of the face: the eyes.

The most appropriate colors depending on the color of the eyes are the following:

  • Green eyes : for green eyes, the hair colors that we like the most are light brown and even the ashiest blondes. It is a way to unify the warm tones of your face, softening and sweetening your image a lot.
  • Blue eyes : for blue eyes we like many colors, it all depends on the image you want to project. For example: if you are looking for a sweet look it is recommended that you opt for dark blondes, on the contrary, if you are looking for a more impressive look, the more intense blacks will help you highlight your face and especially your blue eyes.
  • Brown / Honey Eyes : For brown or honey-colored eyes we love chestnut and chocolate brown tones. These tones will unify your face a lot so you can provide a little contrast with highlights in a slightly lighter tone.
  • Black eyes : without a doubt, for darker eyes, we opted for darker hair colors, both black and dark brown, the best way to achieve a Lady Rocker look.

Skin color

Another of the most successful ways to select hair color is taking into account the color of your skin. The selection of hair color according to the tone of the skin is very important. Always keep this point in mind!

Normally, women with the lightest skins opt for blonde, brown, gold and copper tones while women with darker skin tend to select the darker hair colors: brown and black.


The style you have is also a factor to take into account when [ss_kw]choosing hair color[/ss_kw] . Depending on your style: romantic, rocker, natural, etc., it is normal to select some shades or others.

For example, darker tones are better suited to rocker styles while light tones are better suited to more romantic styles.

If you are looking for a beauty salon with an excellent hair coloring service that knows perfectly the [ss_kw]summer trends in hair color[/ss_kw] … come to Desancho Estilistas! Our team will help you to get your best version!

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