Adhesive extensions – we have them for you!

At Desancho Estilistas we have different types of hair salon extensions for you: [ss_kw]adhesive[/ss_kw] extensions, keratin extensions and braided extensions .

In this post we want to focus on telling you what adhesive extensions are, their advantages, and so on. Here we go!

What are adhesive extensions?

Among the different techniques for putting hair extensions , the adhesive ones are undoubtedly the ones that offer the best and longest lasting results: comfort , economy, safety and 100% natural results.

Adhesive extensions are characterized by being completely undetectable between your hair. Its easy and quick placement will allow you to show off the fashionable length instantly. Once implanted, you can treat them like the rest of your hair: fashionable updos, pigtails, braids or bows. Only you will know the secret!

In the following image you can see the incredible result of some adhesive extensions placed in Desancho Estilistas .

extensiones adhesivas img1 - desancho

Results and advantages of adhesive extensions

The results with natural [ss_kw]hair adhesive hair extensions[/ss_kw] are amazing. Your hair acquires extra volume, fine hair thickens. You can boast of long, healthy and natural hair without having to wait long months for it to grow. You can even add thickness to the most unpopulated areas.

They are also ideal for hair weakened by the continuous action of chemicals. Thanks to the extensions you will not have to cut the entire hair but just clean the damaged areas.

Another advantage of natural hair extensions is that they allow dull hair to be kept under control, adding thickness and body while allowing a softer and more durable hairstyle and styling.

The adhesive extension bands adapt perfectly to your hair. Once placed they are totally safe and invisible to the eye and to the touch.

extensiones adhesivas img2 - desancho

How to apply the adhesive extensions

The adhesive extensions are set by heat, do not contain chemicals, do not damage or harm the hair and the result is 100% natural. You can also comb them, dye them ( [ss_kw]California adhesive extensions[/ss_kw] , with California highlights or baby light, etc.) or cut them as if they were your own hair. Does your hair need a break from highlights and dyes? Extensions are the solution since you can dye them instead of your own hair. So your hair takes a break!

Hairstyles with sticky extensions

With the adhesive extensions, as we have mentioned before, you can make all kinds of hairstyles every day and incredible hairstyles for events. If you already have adhesive extensions, do not be afraid and go for any of the fashionable hairstyles of the moment!


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Adhesive extensions in Valencia

To achieve the natural result you are looking for when applying extensions , trust the best professionals. Our hairdressing stylists are experts in placing the best quality extensions, in addition, without damaging your hair .

Get the mane you’ve always dreamed of instantly. Ask our stylists for advice. We were pioneers in [ss_kw]Valencia adhesive extensions[/ss_kw] and specialists in the highest quality natural hair extensions. Practical and inexpensive , natural hair extensions are the solution you were looking for to give your hair styling a new look. Do you dare to try them? Do you want to know [ss_kw]how long adhesive extensions last[/ss_kw] ? How much are they worth?

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In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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