Modern haircuts for men

Men are becoming more and more concerned about their physical appearance and are becoming more demanding when it comes to choosing their haircut.

Men are becoming more and more concerned about their physical appearance and are becoming more demanding when it comes to choosing their haircut .

Now is the perfect time to think about updating your hair style and adapting it to new trends: [ss_kw]modern haircut for men[/ss_kw] .

Are you looking for a hairdresser in Valencia specialized in men’s cuts and hairstyles? !! Congratulations!! At Desancho Estilistas , you will find all the trends and the best hairdressers specialized in men’s haircuts. Thanks to our work in this field, we have obtained the Figaro Prize (the “Oscars” of hairdressing in our country), in this category.

Here are [ss_kw]modern men’s haircuts[/ss_kw] that are trending this season:

Spiky cut

Spiky is one of the most requested cuts by guys. This cut is intended for very short short hair except in the upper area. The look is achieved by shaping the crown area. The hair is lifted in all directions with the help of irons and gel or wax. It is important to wear the sides shaved or very short, something essential to achieve the desired effect.


The undercut is the haircut that refers to shaved hair, although currently it is not identified with totally shaved hair, rather with some of the parts of the head, usually the sides, thus leaving the center of the head with more mane . This cut provides a modern and very current look.

Shaved cut

Shaved hair on both sides will triumph in this new season, a perfect style for square and slightly elongated faces. Shaved type cuts, for a current and modern look . The versatile point of this cut is achieved by working the bangs.

Famous haircuts

Not only women look at the famous to discover what are the trends of the season. Many men notice the [ss_kw]modern men’s haircut[/ss_kw] worn by their favorite athletes, singers, and actors.

Some of the hairstyles that we have mentioned before we can see them in the following celebrities:

Neymar Court

The Neymar cut is a [ss_kw]modern men’s[/ss_kw] cut similar to the undercut. In the following image we show you how the footballer wears it and sets a trend with it. How about? Do you dare with Neymar’s haircut?

Brad Pitt cut

The Brad Pitt cut is the spiky cut. A haircut that, as we have mentioned, shows off the short sides and the longer upper part, combed in a slightly more pointed way. Provides a very casual and youthful touch to men’s looks.

In the image below we show you how the actor Brad Pitt looks.

Bisbal Court

The Bisbal cut is the Shaved haircut, a cut that triumphs, as we have already mentioned, on the most square and wide faces. This haircut is positioned as one of the favorites of men of all ages. How about?

Let our professionals advise you on the cuts and styles that best suit you based on the characteristics of your face, hair type and personality. We also advise you on coloring, treatments or care of the beard , an accessory that is fashionable inside and outside the hipster universe.

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