Repair your hair with moxa therapy

Hair moxa therapy is a very innovative treatment that is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine to repair hair. From Desancho Estilistas we tell you why this hair treatment is so healing and why it has become a must have among all celebrities.

Hair [ss_kw]moxa[/ss_kw] therapy is a very innovative treatment that is inspired by traditional Chinese medicine to repair hair . From Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia , we will tell you why this hair treatment is so healing and why it has become a must have among all celebrities .

In addition, so that you know a little more about this treatment, we will tell you about its origin in this article. Do not miss it!

What is moxaatherapy?

Moxaatherapy, also known as moxibustion , consists of curing illnesses with heat and is inspired by an ancient therapy that repairs and regenerates bodily damage with the heat cure technique. It has its origin in northern China and sought to respond to a multitude of diseases that occurred in the population due to low temperatures.

This therapy consists of applying heat to some parts of the body to heal diseases and also to achieve balance in the whole body, stabilizing all energy points.

This healing treatment was unknown in the West until in the 18th century, Jesuit monks and other travelers began to talk about it and all the benefits it brought to the body.

What is hair moxa therapy?

Now there is not only talk of moxaatherapy to repair bodily damage. With an innovative technology based on traditional Chinese medicine therapies, Redken has brought Desancho Estilistas the best treatment for hair repair, hair [ss_kw]moxa therapy[/ss_kw] .

With moxaatherapy, your stylist will provide the necessary heat to your hair to activate the metabolism and improve the nervous system, making you relax. Its aroma will also intervene in the relaxation of your mind.

Benefits of moxaatherapy

Next we will talk about the main [ss_kw]benefits of hair moxaatherapy[/ss_kw] : it activates circulation and relaxes. We detail these benefits!

  • Activates circulation : first, a massage with argan oil is performed to activate blood circulation and oxygenate the scalp, essential to show off a spectacular mane. In addition, argan oil also gives your hair the necessary shine and hydration.
  • Relax : moxaatherapy helps you relax thanks to aromatherapy. These aromas will help you to promote your state of relaxation while the stylist performs the treatment on your hair.

When should I have this treatment?

Although moxaatherapy is recommended for all types of hair, there are some cases in which this hair treatment will be even more beneficial:

  • If you have performed an aggressive technical service : hair that has been chemically treated with aggressive coloring, etc.
  • If you have weakened hair : hair that is weakened will notice a great improvement
  • If you have very undisciplined hair: if your hair is complicated and undisciplined and you don’t really know how to control and style it.
  • If you have lightened hair: if you have lightened and very damaged hair.

Hair Moxaatherapy, the treatment of celebrities

The characteristics and efficacy of the treatment have made moxa therapy a success among many international celebrities . Some of the most faithful are Natalie Portman or Kim Kardashian , who sport dream hair. We show you their manes in the following images:

Natalie Portman

Kim kardashian

As you can see in the images, each of these celebtiries has a mane of a shape (midi, long) of a color (black, brown), and so on. And is that hair moxa therapy is suitable for different hair, regardless of length and color. However, normally long manes are those that usually need to be repaired regularly and therefore this treatment is perfect for them.

Moxaatherapy in Valencia

If you want to do [ss_kw]moxaatherapy in Valencia[/ss_kw] , come to Desancho Estilistas. In our hairdresser we offer you this hair treatment so that you can wear a strong and healthy mane again in no time.

After undergoing this treatment, you will notice that your hair has been instantly repaired. Give it a try and judge for yourself!

In our hairdresser we select the best treatments for your hair and adapt your style to the latest trends of the moment.

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