Advantages of Keratin treatment

The keratin treatment at our hairdresser in Valencia is everything your hair needs to go from an indomitable mane to hair full of strength, beauty and shine.

Are you tired of your hair not responding? Tired of spending hours trying to control a mane that resists? Now those problems are a thing of the past. Put yourself in the hands of our stylist hairdressers and rediscover the beauty of your hair!

What is keratin and what is it for?

Keratin is a protein that is present in the skin and hair . This protein is created from amino acids present in the body. It can be flexible or rigid. For example, the keratin in hair is flexible and the keratin found on the hooves or horns of animals is stiff and hard.

Keratin is a very delicate substance. Almost every time we see and touch it, it is already a dead element. This happens for example with the outer part of the nails, which we can touch. This part is made up of dead keratin. The cells harden and protect the internal keratin, which is active.

What is keratin made of?

Keratin cells are called keratinocytes. Thousands of these cells are shed every day from the skin and hair. When the keratin regenerates, it pushes the dead cells out and with them also the keratinocytes fall. This fact can favor the appearance of psoriasis and other skin diseases. To fight against it, it is necessary to follow a proper diet and protect our skin and hair. In the case of hair, the use of softeners or keratin-based treatments such as Japanese straightening is recommended.

Benefits of keratin treatments

The presence of keratin is essential to keep skin and hair strong and healthy. Keratin-based treatment is the best hair treatment in our hairdressing salon. Its properties and benefits on the hair are very numerous:

  • Gives your hair all the shine and vigor it needs
  • Gives a luminosity and manageability to the hair like you have never known
  • long-lasting smoothing effect
  • Treatments suitable for all types of hair . Even the most difficult and frizzy hair is silky and manageable.

Come try your new keratin treatment

From the hand of our stylists you can also try our asymmetrical haircuts , placement of extensions or fashionable updos .

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