Are you looking to make a change of look? Tips and ideas!

Changing our appearance is not only good, but sometimes it is almost even necessary. However, hair is something that most of us cherish and we don’t like to leave something so important to improvisation.

Changing our appearance is not only good, but sometimes it is almost even necessary. However, hair is something that most of us cherish and we don’t like to leave something so important to improvisation . At DeSancho we are the [ss_kw]stylists for a makeover[/ss_kw] you are looking for.

If you want to see your image renewed and not risk it, take a look at what we offer you in our salon. Don’t play it anymore with your [ss_kw]makeover[/ss_kw] !

When and why do you make a change of look?

Personally, we believe that there is no specific time when you wake up one morning and say: “I need a makeover.” However, we have all felt the need to change our style, especially in important moments: when you start and finish university, when you meet the love of your life, when you start a new job.… The body asks you for a good change , and you give it to it!

However, before taking a chance, here are some tips:

Things to keep in mind

Before doing so, seek the advice of a specialist : ask for a hair diagnosis and get advice on which styles are best for you according to your features, needs and personality. In short, that you look for a good [ss_kw]hairdresser for a change of look[/ss_kw] . In our salon in Valencia we can help you.

The change, to begin with, should not only be aesthetic , but also restructural: cut, color, finishing products … Our stylist hairdressers will know how to choose perfectly between all the variables. We assure you that, with DeSancho, you will be more than satisfied!

Are you sure the change is correct?

Even if you really want to do it, first you must ask yourself and be sure that it really is what you want. A good way to ensure yourself and avoid unpleasant surprises is to put yourself in the best hands . Look for good professionals who have experience and know how to value your hair well.

What should you keep in mind?

There are quite a few variables to consider before undertaking a radical makeover. Without a doubt, the shape of your face is the most important. Before proceeding with the change, our stylists assess your type of facial oval and other factors such as, for example: if you want to hide a wide forehead, prominent nose, highlight your eyes or cover “flaws”. But it is also important to take into account what your needs are, your pace of life, if you have little or a lot of time to take care of your hair, etc.

Keep fashion in mind

Although your new style must be personalized, adapt it to the trends of the moment! If you’re wearing an outdated cut, color, or style, you may not feel 100% comfortable with the decision you’ve made. So, find out what it takes, and adapt it to your personality.

Ideas for makeovers

If you have already found your [ss_kw]hairdresser for a change of look[/ss_kw] , you already have the first step! Now the mission is to find that style that will make you a new person. At DeSancho we give you these ideas for renovations that we have made to our clients. Surely there is a perfect one for you!

Complete hair makeover

This is the perfect look for those who have long hair and want a change that is noticeable, without sacrificing their length . Our client remodeled her cut, giving her hair more movement. We also modify its color, to give it shine and life. And in this way we achieve a perfect change respecting the length of your hair.

Total discoloration

How daring are you? This style is not suitable for everyone, however, it is something that takes a lot and that, if you throw yourself, you will look like nobody else. If you have short hair and you no longer know how to change it, the bleaching has arrived! In addition, in our salon, we have the perfect product for this delicate procedure. Change your hair without damaging it and respecting it. In addition, this is the perfect change for those women who have gray hair and do not want to hide them anymore. You risk?


The general recommendation of stylists for a change of look not very risky: a haircut. If you have XXL hair and need to refresh your style, cut your losses! It is not necessary that you resort to a pixie, you can do like our client Eva and opt for a stylish Bob, or even a midi hair.


Another option that we propose is a good straightening for your hair . If you have curly or wavy hair and you do not know how to take care of it, or you do not have the time that this type of hair requires to look beautiful, then this change is almost out of necessity. In addition, now in our salon we have the first straightening with European vegan V-Label certification, the Straightening Onlys. You want to know more? Ask us!


Babylights are the perfect highlights to give your hair a different touch , but respecting its natural color as much as possible. This technique brings a lot of light and movement, giving vitality to the duller colors. Without a doubt, your face will appreciate them.


If there are some highlights that are undoubtedly in fashion, those are the balayage. The effect that is achieved is quite similar to that of the babylights, but in a slightly more aggressive way. The difference in color between the base tone and the one we apply is more noticeable. However, they are more natural than Californians. In addition, they adapt perfectly to any hair color . You will not regret!

Pixie cut

Finally, the cut for the most daring . If you are really looking for a change of look, to see you completely renewed, with hair that is easy to maintain and that flatters you, then the pixie is your option. However, being risky, it is better that you consult with our stylists if it is the alternative that suits you best. If so, don’t think twice and jump in. You’ll love it!

Are you looking for a change of look in Valencia?

If you are looking for a [ss_kw]hairdresser for a makeover[/ss_kw] in Valencia, then DeSancho is your best option . We have a team of professionals, all of them hairdressers, who will never take a step without being sure what you are looking for. We work with the highest quality products on the market and we are always looking among the novelties for those that best suit our philosophy and your demand.

Don’t think twice, we are your stylists for a [ss_kw]makeover[/ss_kw] ! Contact us and ask us everything you need to know. We will wait for you!

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