Keratin treatment: everything you need to know

Do you want to give your hair a healthier, smoother and shinier look? Have you thought about the keratin treatment? If you want to know all the information about keratin straightening, don’t miss our post.

Do you want to give your hair a healthier, smoother and shinier look? Have you thought about the [ss_kw]keratin treatment[/ss_kw] ? If you want to know all the information about [ss_kw]keratin straightening[/ss_kw] do not miss our post.

In it we are going to talk to you about what keratin is, about the [ss_kw]advantages of keratin treatment[/ss_kw] and, in addition, we will solve some of the most frequent questions that normally arise among those interested in this treatment.

What is the keratin treatment?

Still wondering what keratin is ? Keratin is a protein that is very present in the body of people and can be found both in the hair and on the skin or nails. This protein is also an element present in the hooves, horns or feathers of many animals.

This element is composed mainly of amino acids and can be flexible or rigid, depending on where it is found. For example, hair keratin is very flexible while the keratin found in animal horns is quite rigid.

Keratin is the protein that has revolutionized the world of beauty and aesthetics, as more and more beauty centers are offering keratin treatment every day.

This is mainly due to the fact that this hair treatment is perfect for ending annoying hair frizz, eliminating the thickest and most undisciplined manes.

In addition, the [ss_kw]keratin treatment[/ss_kw] rejuvenates the hair by providing shine, hydration and uniformity, regardless of the type of hair you have.

It should also be borne in mind that the main function of keratin is not to straighten the hair, although the normal thing is that by providing so much hydration, the hair is much smoother than before.

Moreover, depending on the type of hair, keratin can help maintain the volume and natural shape of the hair, but with a much healthier and more beautiful appearance and with a much more pleasant touch.

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Advantages of keratin

Here are the main advantages of keratin:

  • Long lasting results . Hair straightened in this way keeps it looking smooth and soft permanently, although you will need to touch up the roots periodically. As the hair grows, the root of the hair will do it with its original appearance, so you should review your treatment to achieve a natural result.
  • Higher brightness and color .
  • Eliminates frizz and makes hair straighter and stronger.
  • It modifies the quality and improves the texture and softness of the hair.
  • Nutrition and repair of hair in depth.
  • Suitable for all hair types .

What is keratin straightening?

As we have mentioned, [ss_kw]keratin straightening[/ss_kw] allows you to restore your hair in every way: it reduces frizz, adds shine and softness and improves hair quality, making it silky and manageable . The action of this substance conditions curly hair, in depth and in a lasting way, giving it an increase in shine and color . The keratin treatments that we carry out in our hairdresser in Valencia have a double objective:

  1. Repair : Its nourishing action regenerates the inner layers of the hair, giving it greater shine and color , and making it look radiant, healthy and disciplined.
  2. Smoothing : the [ss_kw]smooth keratin[/ss_kw] prevents frizz or frizz, making hair straighter and more manageable.

Although in general people believe that the Keratin hair treatment is a straightening system, it is actually more than that: a true health and beauty bath that improves the texture and softness of dry and curly hair, and provides all the hydration and nutrition it needs. A perfect treatment for informal updos and all kinds of hairstyles.

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How to care for your hair after applying straightening?

Do you wonder how to care for your hair after keratin ? Care is necessary to maximize the effects of the treatment. Without proper care, surely our desire to wear a perfect mane will fall on deaf ears and … it will not be the fault of the hairdresser!

I tell you the 3 things you must do yes or yes:

  • Use sunscreen : the good weather is approaching and many of you will want to go to the beach or pool, and just as we take care of our skin, we must take care of our hair, so use a good sunscreen for your hair.
  • Use quality conditioner with keratin : it is the best way to replenish the keratin that we are losing.
  • Use the right shampoo : Just having a quality shampoo at home doesn’t mean you have to use it. This should not contain chlorides, since these drag the keratin and gradually eliminate it.

Tips for before and after Keratin treatment

These are the tips for the keratin treatment that we give you:

  • Do not practice physical exercise: to avoid sweating and that the hair does not get wet, just after the treatment do not practice physical exercise. You will have to do it until 72h or until the moment your stylist tells you.
  • Don’t tie your hair: Same with tying hair. At the beginning, until the first wash it is better to avoid tying the hair so that it does not take a bad shape.
  • Do not get it wet or damp: obviously, if we want to extend the effect, the first few days it is advisable neither to wet the hair nor to dampen it.

Frequently asked questions about keratin treatment

Who can benefit from this hair treatment?

Anyone can benefit from keratin thanks to its natural properties and also the results of the treatment are visible on all types of hair, from straight to curly and even on colored hair.

What precautions should be taken into account before undergoing the keratin treatment?

Keratin treatments must be performed by professionals to achieve the results you expect. There are many fake products on the market whose effects are not as promised and also put your hair at serious risk.

What is keratin made of?

Keratin cells are called keratinocytes. Thousands of these cells are shed every day from the skin and hair. When the keratin regenerates, it pushes the dead cells out and with them also the keratinocytes fall.

Does keratin work on all manes equally?

Any hair treatment works differently in people and this is due to the type of hair of each of them. However, in all hair the results can be optimal and this depends on the application of the product.

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

We cannot tell you an exact time since the duration of the effects of keratin can vary greatly depending on the care that each client gives to their hair. However, the normal thing is that it lasts around 6 months. If you wash your hair with a suitable shampoo and a suitable mask, you will lengthen the effect of the treatment.

Keratin treatment in Valencia

Do you want to do the [ss_kw]keratin straightening in Valencia[/ss_kw] ? Put yourself in the hands of professionals and come to Desancho Estilistas to obtain the desired results with the [ss_kw]Valencia keratin treatment[/ss_kw] , we have the best team of professionals to leave you a dreamy mane. In addition, we offer many other services such as hair extensions , etc.

Contact us to do the keratin treatment

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