Blue highlights. Join the change!

This season, the electric blue highlights are strong for the most risky and daring women.

This season, the [ss_kw]electric blue highlights[/ss_kw] are strong for the most risky and daring women.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we know that [ss_kw]hair with blue[/ss_kw] highlights has become fashionable, and it has done so in different types of hair: black, brown, blonde, etc.

Therefore, in this article we talk about it, about the [ss_kw]blue highlights[/ss_kw] in hair of different colors. However, before we tell you what blue Californian wicks are and what they consist of.

Californian blue highlights

Surely you have heard thousands of times about California highlights. Traditionally, these highlights , in an attempt to simulate summer highlights caused by the sun, are blonde.

However, Californians have evolved and can now be seen in different colors, and one of them is blue.

What are these highlights like and how famous are they? Next, we will tell you a little more about this type of highlights and we will reveal to you which celebrities have joined this trend.

Do not miss it!

Blue highlights on brown hair

The brown highlights are, normally, the most demanded. They provide lots of light and color to the looks, creating very avant-garde and casual styles. There are many celebrities who have worn [ss_kw]blue highlights in brown hair[/ss_kw] , such as the singer and actress Selena Gómez, and Kylie Jenner, among many others. In the image below we can see Kylie Jenner sporting electric blue highlights on a brown hair base. Beautiful!

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Blue highlights on blonde hair

[ss_kw]Blue highlights on blonde hair[/ss_kw] are a trend that we love. They are perfect for creating daring and sweet styles at the same time. Also, the blue with the blonde hair color creates a very striking and youthful contrast. Actress Kate Bosworth is a loyal follower of these hair colors, and the truth is that … they look like a heart attack!

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Blue highlights on dark hair

We have seen [ss_kw]black hair with blue highlights[/ss_kw] on many celebrities. One of them is the actress and singer Demi Lovato, a faithful follower of the latest trends. We love the way it looks! It provides you with a very modern, sexy and sophisticated style.

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If you want to join this trend you will have to take into account a multitude of things, and one of them is maintenance . So, if you want to make blue highlights, and they will be perfect for months, use suitable and high-quality products at home to treat your hair. You will keep the color in perfect condition!

And remember that for the hair to look beautiful and healthy after this type of highlights it is recommended that you go to the best professionals , their training and the quality of the products they use will ensure a good result.

Finally, this type of highlights has not only become fashionable among women. The [ss_kw]blue highlights for men[/ss_kw] do not stop ‘causing a sensation’ in the male sector.

What colors can you combine the highlights with?

The blue highlights, although it seems that not, combine with many colors. Every day we see more millennials wearing this color, and combining blue highlights with green and gray touches and we love it. These two color combinations that we are talking about provide rebellious, unique and independent looks.

How to take care of blue highlights?

The blue tones are fixed to the hair and usually last a long time, however, it is important to take care of them correctly so as not to wear a sloppy look and a worn blue. So, taking care of the blue highlights is an obligation for you. How to do it?

  • Using quality products.
  • Hydrating the hair with suitable masks.
  • Protecting the mane from the sun and other damaging factors for the hair.

Where can you get your blue highlights in Valencia?

In Desancho Stylists. In our hairdresser we make blue highlights in Valencia for our clients. We have a team of professionals specialized in color that knows how to get the color you want, whether you have a lighter or darker base. To make yourself beautiful blue highlights, you must put yourself in the hands of the best professionals. Come to Desancho Estilistas.

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