Balayage highlights: trendy highlights

Balayage highlights are back stronger than ever. If in past seasons the Californian highlights (blonde and light highlights) triumphed, now the fashionable highlights are darker and more natural.

[ss_kw]Balayage highlights[/ss_kw] are back stronger than ever. If in past seasons the Californian wicks triumphed (blonde and light highlights), now the fashion highlights they are darker and more natural.

Join the fashion trend of the season. Balayage highlights are one of the most demanded highlights at Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , and it will surely continue to be that way for a long period of time.

Today we are going to decipher the keys to this trend, warm and flattering, specially created to illuminate brown and brown hair.

Goodbye to California highlights, hello to balayage highlights

Do you remember when Californians triumphed in highlighted hairstyles? Although they have not completely disappeared, little by little they have been replaced by balayage highlights, similar to babylights , ombré, or inverted highlights .

Do you want to know how these are different from their famous predecessors? Read carefully the explanation of our hairdressing stylists.

Balayage is a French word that means “sweep.” And this is precisely the effect that is achieved with this style. Unlike the Californian, which are applied from the middle to the ends, this technique consists of highlighting the entire length of the hair to achieve a natural reflection. While in the Californian ones the contrast is sought, in the latter the objective is to create much more subtle reflections of light.

The balayage technique was developed in French hairdressers in the 1970s. To obtain the desired effect, you must have a great command of this technique, since they are done freehand with the help of a brush. If you want to wear them on your hair, go to your trusted stylists to get the color effect you are looking for. The tone is applied only in the precise areas of your hair, playing with the contrast of lights and shadows. The result of the set is a mane full of strength and movement.

One of the advantages of balayage highlights is that by not using silver foil, the process can be more easily controlled, modulating the shades, reaching the root or moving away from it, depending on the preferences of each one. In this way you can space out the touch-ups or play with different hues creating vibrant and natural ‘multi-flare’ effects.

Choosing the correct shade will depend on the result you want to achieve:

  • Ombré : for a subtle color effect.
  • Californian Balayage : its gradient effect between roots and ends is more pronounced.
  • Sun Kiss : applied from the roots to the ends, 2 or 3 shades lighter than the natural color.
  • Balayage babylights : perfect for light foundations creating thin, lighter veils that frame the face.

Balayage highlights according to hair length

Balayage highlights are appropriate for short, medium, and even long hair. However, we, in long hair … we love it! In this post we review some celebrities who wear it.

Balayage highlights with short hair

Blanca Suárez is one of the actresses who wears [ss_kw]balayage highlights with short hair[/ss_kw] . This cut and these highlights give you an extremely sophisticated, elegant and natural look. It’s the trendy cut and highlights!

Balayage highlights with medium hair

Jennifer Aniston, one of the actresses of the famous Friends series, has always been envied for her beautiful hair. Currently she wears her hair with [ss_kw]balayage highlights with half a mane[/ss_kw] . We love the way it looks!

Balayage highlights with long hair

As we have mentioned, we love [ss_kw]balayage highlights with long hair[/ss_kw] , as the famous model Gisele Bünchen wears it, because they show off a little more. Look at the image below!

A post shared by Gisele Bündchen (@gisele) on

Balayage highlights according to hair color

The result of balaye highlights on brown, blonde and black hair is very different. In this article, we also want to show it to you so you know how it can fit you.

Balayage highlights with brown hair

[ss_kw]Balayage highlights with brown hair[/ss_kw] are perfect for bringing light to your hair. Those small accents of color that are achieved with the balayage will give you a more luminous look, as happens to the journalist Sara Carbonero.

Balayage highlights with blonde hair

Although the balayage highlights on blonde hair are usually very subtle, they look great because they give the blonde color a very natural touch. This is how they fit the singer and actress Jennifer López.

A post shared by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Balayage highlights with black hair

[ss_kw]Balayage highlights on black hair[/ss_kw] , as with these highlights on brown hair, provide a lot of light and also greatly soften the faces of women who wear them. One of the celebrities who wears these highlights is Kim Kardashian.

Balayage highlights according to hair type

Wondering if balayage highlights look good on curly hair or straight hair? One of the advantages of balayage highlights is that they are suitable for both: straight and curly hair.

Balayage highlights with curly hair

The [ss_kw]balayage highlights with curly hair[/ss_kw] … they look amazing! They provide perfect and very natural highlights. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the women who regularly wears balayage highlights with curly or wavy hair.

A post shared by SJP (@sarahjessicaparker) on

Balayage highlights with straight hair

Lastly, balayage highlights are also a perfect fit for smoother manes. See how they look on top model Lily Aldrige!

A post shared by Lily Aldridge (@lilyaldridge) on

As you have seen, balayage highlights are perfect for all types of hair , so you are sure they look great, whether you have straight, curly, wavy, brunette hair, etc.

Come to Desancho Estilistas, in our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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