Informal collected for day to day

We all like to change our style and wear different looks depending on the occasion. The informal updos are super current, they favor and you can also do them yourself!

We all like to change our style and wear different looks depending on the occasion. The informal updos are super current, they favor and you can also do them yourself!

Today our [ss_kw]hairdressers[/ss_kw] at Desancho Estilistas propose different ways to wear the fashionable updos that are most popular this year 2018: with braids!

Informal updos with braids

The good weather is beginning to arrive and there are many occasions when we want to pick up our hair more than opt for it. [ss_kw]short hair[/ss_kw]: when doing sports, at work … It is also the ideal time to wear pigtails, braids or bows for many reasons: they are fresh hairstyles, suitable for [ss_kw]long hair[/ss_kw],[ss_kw] medium hair[/ss_kw] and [ss_kw]short hair[/ss_kw] too!

[ss_kw]Disheveled updos[/ss_kw] are a great option to change your style and not wear the usual ponytail or bun. With a little hand and disposition on your part you will be able to show off beautiful, lucid and very easy to do updos.


Braided updo

With the part to the side, make two side braids on both sides. Fasten them at the nape of the neck with a scrunchy. Take the end of the ponytail and roll it inward, leaving the neck free. Attached with hairpins and voila. You already have your beautiful long hair updo for parties or to go to the official!


Multi-braid updo

Continuing with the braiding, we present another of the fashion proposals: Part the hair into 5 sections. In each of them make a braid. Once done, hold each one with a rubber band. Roll each braid into small bows and fasten them at the nape of the neck so that they are well fixed.

Lopsided braid

Ideal for curly hair! Separate the hair into two parts and make a braid with each of them. Secure them with rubber bands. Place the braids from side to side at the nape with the help of bun hairpins and leave some strands loose to achieve the informal finish of the [ss_kw]tousled updos[/ss_kw] .

Braided semi-gathered

This semi-updo is ideal for [ss_kw]long hair[/ss_kw] . If your hair is too short and you don’t want to wait to show off your informal semi updo, opt for invisible extensions . Density and hair instantly!

To do this hairstyle, let the hair down and take a section of hair from each side of the hair. Braid those little parts. Once the braids are done, cross them at the back of the neck, and hold both ends with a hair tie. You can get custom finishes by adding small beads, ribbons, or a jewel brooch to the braid.

Regarding the collected, we want to tell you about some of the [ss_kw]informal wedding collections[/ss_kw] that are also suitable for day to day. The ones we like the most are the [ss_kw]informal updos with braids[/ss_kw] .

In this article we present some of the most casual that are also very valid [ss_kw]informal collected for curly hair[/ss_kw] .


Informal updos without braids

But, if you don’t like braids, don’t worry, you can also do informal updos without them. Some examples can be:

High bun updo

The high bun updo is one of the most used, both for day and night. It is a type of updo that has been used for a long time, being a very easy hairstyle to do, as well as attractive.

It is widely used in women with curly hair, being very useful to get out of situations in which there is little time to dedicate to styling.

But the high bun updos, despite being a resource for more informal situations, can also be used in formal moments and even for formal events. Of course, in these cases, it is better to leave the work to a professional so that the collection looks great.

Low bun updo hairstyle

A low informal updo may be the best option for times when you don’t have time to do an elaborate hairstyle, since it is a very easy type of hairstyle to do.

The informal low rise can be a good option to go to work, play sports or go for a walk. Although, the low collected can be a really attractive and elaborate hairstyle in the hands of a professional, and can be used even in formal events.

At our [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , our stylists will advise you on the hair styling that suits you best. What are you waiting for to show off your new informal look?

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