How to put on eye makeup?

At Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia, we know that good makeup is capable of enhancing your look, and even changing the expression of your face.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we know that good makeup is capable of enhancing your look, and even changing the expression of your face. Therefore, we want to dedicate this article to tell you everything about [ss_kw]eye makeup step by step easily[/ss_kw] .

In addition, throughout this post we will also talk about [ss_kw]how to make up your eyes to enlarge them[/ss_kw] , eye makeup for a wedding, eye makeup according to their color, and much more. Do not miss it!

Make up your eyes step by step

We reveal the 5 main steps you must follow to put on eye makeup:

  1. Apply concealer or shadow base to the eyelid area so that the eyeshadow sets properly.
  2. Apply the eyeshadow with a suitable brush . In the area closest to the tear duct, use a color that illuminates and in the area at the end of the eye a dark color to give it depth.
  3. Use an eyeliner to mark the contour of the eyes just above the lashes. If you have a good pulse, we recommend the use of a liquid eyeliner.
  4. To make the eye bigger and more beautiful, use a good mascara .
  5. Lastly, go over your eyebrows with a pencil . Remember that eyebrows are also essential to enhance your look.

How to make up your eyes according to their shape

There are many types of eyes: large, small, droopy, round, and so on. Depending on how yours are, you should use some colors and / or techniques or others. Next we reveal to you what is the best way to [ss_kw]apply makeup for big, small and droopy eyes[/ss_kw] .

Make up big eyes

Yes, if you have big eyes you are lucky and the best thing you can do with makeup is not to exaggerate the eyes more, but to highlight their natural beauty , with earth tones and mascara. If you have large but very round eyes, you can always put an eyeliner on to make them look longer.

Make up small eyes

If you have small eyes, your goal is [ss_kw]to put makeup on your eyes to make them appear larger[/ss_kw] . Makeup for small eyes should be light and bright, avoid using dark and matte tones because they turn off the look. It is advisable to avoid the use of eyeliner and to use a good mascara.

Make up your droopy eyes

[ss_kw]Putting on your eyes with droopy eyelids[/ss_kw] is not as complicated a task as you think. In this case, it is advisable to use dark colors and, in addition, it is essential to use eyeline to lengthen the eye and prevent it from looking droopy.

How to make up your eyes according to their color

Wondering what is the best eye makeup based on its color ? In this section we tell you which are the best eyeshadows for dark, green and blue eyes, and we show you some images of celebrities. Here we go!

Make up your dark eyes

For all those women who have dark eyes, for example brown, we recommend pink and beige tones , that is, paler tones. This is because these eyeshadows soften the look and also add luminosity to it. However, brown tones, and even gold, are also a good option.

Make up your green eyes

For green eyes, the most appropriate shadows are lilacs , and even dark blacks and grays. However, if you do not like to harden your look too much with these dark tones, you can look for the famous ‘smoky effect’, a very fashionable effect and perfect for women with green eyes.

Make up your blue eyes

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Earth, purple and bronze tones are a ‘must have’ for all women with blue eyes, as they are the shadow colors that will enhance the look the most . In addition, if they are combined with a black eyeliner, an eye makeup will be achieved … radiant!

Make up your eyes for a wedding

Eye makeup for a wedding can vary greatly depending on whether it is celebrated in the day or at night.

Pay attention to the advice we give you below on day makeup and evening makeup and keep them in mind for the events that are coming up.

How to make up your eyes for the day

Eye makeup for the day should be natural and it is advisable to use light shadow colors, such as beige, brown, and even gold. In general, and as we have mentioned, a very soft eye makeup is recommended, which enhances the natural beauty of the eyes.

As eye makeup for the night

Eye makeup for the evening supports dark colors, such as blacks and grays, and purple colors. Normally in evening makeup the eyes occupy a very important place (next to the lips) and the use of eyeliner is essential.

However, eye makeup for a wedding should not only adapt to the moment of the celebration, it is also important to take into account other aspects such as attire, hairstyle and your own style.

Make up your eyes in a beauty salon

Surely many of you know how to put on makeup for day to day and opt for a mascara and even, from time to time, an eyeliner. However, for events, moments in which we like to wear a more special makeup , the matter becomes complicated, and we do not always have enough skill to do makeup, especially the eyes, perfectly. For this reason, if you want to wear perfect eye makeup at any celebration, we recommend that you go to a beauty salon.

Make up your eyes at Desancho Estilistas!

At Desancho Estilistas we offer you aesthetic services to help you be perfect at any event. So don’t think twice … if you have any event coming up, come to our beauty salon and leave your eye makeup in the hands of the best professionals .

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