Jorge Desancho ambassador of Redken Brews

The hairdresser and co-owner of the Valencia hairdresser, Desancho Estilistas, has been chosen as an ambassador for Redken Brews, a range of products formulated with a very special ingredient: malt.

The hairdresser and co-owner of the Valencia hairdresser , Desancho Estilistas , has been chosen as an ambassador for Redken Brews , a range of products formulated with a very special ingredient: malt.

Redken , hand in hand with Desancho, is conducting a training tour during the month of March and April in 9 Spanish cities, a training in which the new Redken Brews line , exclusive services for men in a unisex beauty salon, and three masculine looks to make proposals to men.

Do you want to go to one of the trainings? You are still on time. We leave you with the dates of the trainings in April:

Coruña: April 9

Valencia: April 16

Mallorca: 23 April

Canary Islands: April 30

Redken Brews: what it is

As we mentioned in the introduction to this post, Redken Brews is a line of products made with malt, an ingredient that provides many benefits:

Strength : malt provides strength and also repairs damaged hair thanks to proteins.

Nourishes and purifies : this happens thanks to the contribution of vitamins and minerals.

Protects against external aggressions : thanks mainly to its antibacterial agents.

But what is malt? Surely you have heard this concept on many occasions and you relate it to beer. You’re right!

Malt, a term that comes from the English malt, refers to both roasted barley and sprouted grains and more and more international brands include this ingredient among the main assets of their products.

Redken Brews products

In the Redken Brews line we can find products for hair care, for beard care, for color, etc.

Some of the main products are the following:

Skincare : Moisturizer Oil Beard & Skin is a product composed of oils to increase beard control and Shaving Cream is a product for skin care, especially for skin care after shaving.

Haircare : Redken offers all kinds of shampoos in this line, for example: for gray hair (Silver Shampoo), purifying (Extra Clean Shampoo), for the scalp (Mint Shampoo), etc.

Color : in Redken they call it a ‘discreet’ color service and it is that in just 5 minutes these products are capable of making any man look a perfect and very natural color.

Styling : fixing products for high intensity, low intensity and medium intensity hair.

Redken Brews environmentally sustainable

Redken has demonstrated its commitment to the environment with this range of products, each of which is housed in a container made of 97% recycled plastic.

If you want to enjoy a good beauty and well-being session with Desancho Estilistas and Redken, you can visit our hairdresser or contact us.

Our team of professionals will help you to show off healthy, beautiful men’s hair that is suitable for your style.

Desancho Estilistas : Hairdressing and beauty services designed for you.

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