Vintage hairstyles

Few hairstyles are more glamorous than vintage hairstyles. Those typical hairstyles from the 50s that remind us of Hollywood stars.

Few hairstyles are more glamorous than [ss_kw]vintage hairstyles[/ss_kw] . Those typical hairstyles from the 50s that remind us of Hollywood stars.

If you are like us, a lover of vintage and retro looks, pay attention to our article. We tell you all about [ss_kw]vintage hairstyles with short[/ss_kw] , long hair, for men, etc.

Vintage hairstyles for men

We make a list of some [ss_kw]vintage men’s hairstyles[/ss_kw] that set a trend in the 1950s and are now back in fashion.

Vintage male hair with long hair

Long hair does not stand out among vintage men’s hairstyles. However, there is one that set a trend and that many celebrities have worn again, making it fashionable again. That hairstyle is:

  • Long slicked hair: it is a very retro hairstyle and at the same time elegant and sophisticated. It consists of wearing long but structured hair with gel, creating a wet effect. One of the actors who sports this haircut and hairstyle is Bradley Cooper.

Vintage hairstyle for men with short hair

They are [ss_kw]easy to wear and very comfortable vintage hairstyles[/ss_kw] . Today, one of the most claimed is the following:

  • Rock toupee: a youthful, casual and very stylish toupee. It became fashionable years ago and it seems that this [ss_kw]vintage hairstyle with short hair[/ss_kw] continues to be one of the favorite haircuts of many men.

Vintage hairstyles for women

As for vintage hairstyles for women , we can also distinguish between hairstyles for women with long and short hair.

Below we will tell you what each of them consists of and how famous they look.

Vintage hairstyle for women with long hair

With volume and short bangs. This is how [ss_kw]vintage hairstyles with long hair[/ss_kw] looked and still do today. They are very voluminous, casual and feminine hairstyles.

One of the women who put and continues to make this type of hairstyle and look fashionable is the famous Brigitte Bardot.

Vintage Short Hair Hairstyle for Women

They are short hairstyles with volume and very marked water waves, even in the bangs. One of the actresses faithful to this hairstyle is Scarlett Johansson. We love how it looks on her and overall we always love her vintage looks and retro hairstyles.

Now that you know what vintage hairstyles consist of and which ones are the most sought after … go to your trusted hairdresser and ask your stylist to make you a hairstyle of this style for any event.

Not only will you get the fashionable look, you will also be very elegant and sophisticated.

If you are from Valencia, we are waiting for you at Desancho Estilistas . In our beauty salon we have a professional team that will advise you and help you get the most out of it, taking into account your face, your hair type, the style you are looking for, and much more.

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