Bangs: How and when to wear it

Surely at some point in your life you have worn hairstyles with bangs. And, almost all of us have wanted to wear them thanks to their versatility, since they manage to change and give a 360º turn to any look.

Surely at some point in your life you have worn [ss_kw]hairstyles with bangs[/ss_kw] . And, almost all of us have wanted to wear them thanks to their versatility, since they manage to change and give a 360º turn to any look .

[ss_kw]Haircuts with bangs[/ss_kw] , among their many virtues, are hairstyles that take years off you and, in addition, you can adapt them to any time and occasion.

Types of bangs

If you are considering making bangs, you have many options to choose from. In this post we tell you what are the [ss_kw]types of bangs[/ss_kw] that are most worn this season.

  • [ss_kw]Straight bangs[/ss_kw]
  • [ss_kw]Side bangs[/ss_kw]
  • Grown out bangs or [ss_kw]open bangs[/ss_kw]
  • [ss_kw]Fringed bangs[/ss_kw]

Hairstyles with bangs according to the type of face

Do you want to know what are the most appropriate [ss_kw]bangs cuts[/ss_kw] for you? From Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we review the best haircuts according to the face , focusing on the cuts of the bangs.

Round face: for a round face, the most appropriate thing is an open and not very dense fringe. It is important to avoid thick and voluminous bangs to try to lengthen the features.

Square face : usually the bangs do not favor women who have a square face. However, if you have this type of face and you want to wear bangs yes or yes, we recommend that you bet on side bangs with volume.

Elongated face: we love how the bangs look on this type of face because they harmonize and compensate for the features. We really like how it looks like a medium length hair with bushy side bangs and even straight bangs.

Oval face : as with a round face, a straight fringe is not advisable because it shortens the features. It is best to opt for an open type of fringe with little density.

flequillo como y cuando llevarlo interna - desancho

Keep in mind that, as important as the type of face is the type of hair you have. Before cutting your losses, remember that if your natural hair is very curly, you will continually be fighting against nature in case you want to sport a bangs like Taylor Swift’s. If your hair is very curly, the best option for you will be long and side bangs , so that it does not fall on your face. When cutting with wet hair, keep in mind that when drying, it will “rise” so it is convenient that you leave it a little longer and thus avoid an unpleasant surprise with the final result.

Detachable bangs

The false bangs are the perfect solution to change your look without changing your style. Our favorite celebrities use the hairpiece again and again to wear all kinds of hairstyles and styles depending on the occasion, without having to put the scissors.

When do bangs suit me?

In conclusion, the bangs will favor you if you have a large forehead , since it helps to balance and harmonize the features, making the face appear narrower.

Remember to forget about bangs if you have oily and acne-prone skin . The bangs provide even more fat in the forehead area, which is precisely one of the areas where acne intensifies. The continuous rubbing of the hair in the area of the forehead, can contribute to aggravate the proliferation of the dreaded acne.

How to style your bangs

Depending on the length of your bangs, you can style your hair in more or less ways. For example, if you have long bangs, you can go from a toupee to open or side bangs. On the contrary, if your bangs are short there are far fewer ways to style it.

We recommend that you go to your trusted beauty salon and ask how you can style your bangs at home . The team of professionals will surely advise you and give you new ideas.

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