Christmas parties: how I wear makeup

The Christmas holidays are approaching, a time when we love to wear new looks. Each of the styles that we wear at Christmas must be suitable for every occasion: Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we know that these three moments are the most important of these parties and, therefore, both the outfit and the makeup must be perfect.

Many are the women who pay attention only to the clothes they are going to wear, however, makeup is key in these three days.

If you are still wondering [ss_kw]how to put on makeup for Christmas[/ss_kw] , this article is perfect for you, because in it you will discover the keys to take into account in the three most important moments of these holidays.

How do I do my makeup on Christmas Eve?

On Christmas Eve we all have dinner with our families. Although surely many of you then go out to have drinks with friends. This circumstance makes the look night and party, but not too daring.

The ideal makeup for this celebration is an [ss_kw]evening makeup[/ss_kw] but with a very natural base and powder. We recommend that the naturalness of the skin contrast with well-painted eyes and a lipstick in red or maroon. A very modern evening make-up and, also, very elegant and sophisticated.


How do I do my makeup at Christmas?

Christmas is another of the celebrations that we do with our families during the day. Therefore, this makeup must be much softer than the previous one. From Desancho Estilistas we opted for a natural base with powders in copper and brown tones. Regarding [ss_kw]eye makeup[/ss_kw] , for this occasion, we like it very soft, applying a natural mascara.

For this day we dare with lipsticks of different colors, from pinks and browns, to reds and garnets.

How I wear makeup on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the celebration that lets us be a little more daring with makeup. It is the night of glitter and metallic colors . In addition, these tones are very fashionable in both eye makeup and lipsticks.

We recommend that you go for a natural base with well-marked eyes and a strong lip color and, that in some area of your face, apply glitter and metallic colors such as silver.

Bring out your sexiest side on the last night of the year!

Beautiful brunette girl in evening dress smiling and looking lef

We hope that these tips on how to put on makeup for Christmas will help you to be perfect this holidays. And remember that, if you don’t dare by yourself, you can contact our team of makeup experts. They can help you look perfect on every occasion and, in addition, they will bring out the best of you so that you dazzle in all your Christmas events.

Otherwise, if you want to do it alone, always remember to use quality products that do not spoil your skin and are long-lasting.

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