Texan highlights, the new trend of 2017-2018

We have been watching the Texas highlights parade down the red carpet for a while. However, it has been this season when they begin to sweep the streets.

We have been watching the [ss_kw]Texas highlights[/ss_kw] parade down the red carpet for a while. However, it has been this season when they begin to sweep the streets.

From Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia, we will tell you what the [ss_kw]2017 Texan[/ss_kw] highlights consist of and where to get your [ss_kw]Texan highlights in Valencia[/ss_kw] .

What are Texan highlights?

Texan highlights are the highlights that are currently overtaking balayage highlights . This coloring technique is designed to let our hair rest for a season from chemicals and coloring that spoil the hair.

With these highlights , the natural base of our hair is maintained, a base that should preferably be dark: brown, dark blondes, brunettes, etc. The technique consists of giving a touch of lighter color to the longest areas of the mane.

With the Texan highlights you can forget about going to the hairdresser every month, because even if the hair grows, nothing will be noticed since the root remains the natural color of your hair.

The Texan highlights technique is suitable for all types of women, especially those who do not want to have a fixed appointment every month in their beauty salon.

The main characteristic of these highlights is naturalness, as wearing a natural hair has become one of the main objectives of many women, regardless of their age.

Which celebrities bet on Texan highlights

These wicks can be seen in different celebrities on the international scene. As you will see in the famous ones that we show you below, the Texan highlights are suitable for different hair lengths. We show you with three examples!

  1. Lily aldrige

The famous model has always worn a very natural hair color, either with balayage highlights or California highlights . Now, the Victoria`s Secret angel has joined the Texans.

  1. Alexa chung

The it girl always bets on showing off her roots darker than the length. As we can see, the [ss_kw]Texan highlights[/ss_kw] are valid for both long hair like Aldrige’s, and for midi hair like Alexa Chung’s.

  1. Helen Lindes

The model Helen Lindes opts for the most natural highlighting techniques, such as Texan highlights , to give her hair a clear and light touch.

Texan highlights Valencia

If you are looking for a beauty salon where you can do your [ss_kw]Texan highlights in Valencia[/ss_kw] , come to Desancho Estilistas. We have a team of professionals specialized in coloring that will help you change your look while preserving the health of your hair and your personal style.

Think no more! Show off your natural hair color this winter with fun natural highlights and get the look you’ve always wanted: natural and sophisticated.

At Desancho Estilistas we help you. Get in touch with us and discover hair beauty from the best professionals!

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