De Sancho, the hairdresser of the Icelandic team

The Valencian hairdresser Jorge De Sancho from [ss_kw]DeSancho Estilistas[/ss_kw] and Jean Pierre Landry, a French hairdresser based in San Sebastián, combed and cut the hair of the players of the Icelandic soccer team before they played against France in the quarterfinals of the European Championship. .

De Sancho and Landry, known as the hairdressers of the Icelandic team, not only cut the hair of the footballers, but also the coach and the head of security. In the words of the Valencian, “it was an unforgettable experience.”

Icelandic footballer Finnbogason met Landry when he played for Real Sociedad between 2014 and 2015. For this reason, and after a request from the footballer, the French hairdresser had already come before the quarters to cut the hair of some players of the Nordic team.

Desancho, el peluquero de Islandia

But this time Landry was overwhelmed, many players wanted his services, so he had the help of De Sancho given his professional career and his experience in haircuts. De Sancho is inspired by the most important national and international fashion catwalks to follow the latest trends, a style that has led to young Icelanders.

For De Sancho it has been “more than gratifying” to be next to young boys “so noble” who want to wear modern hair on one of the most important days of his life on a professional level.

In addition, the Valencian hairdresser remembers the sensation of seeing with them, in the concentration hotel, the match between Germany and Italy, a moment that he defines as “shocking”.

Agitation in the sports media

The media coverage that this event has had in Spain and in the sports world has been “surprising” for De Sancho. “A whole revolt was created in the media,” who quickly echoed the news.

His work in Spain and abroad has led him to create his own brand and to be a recognized professional in the sector, which is why it is not the first time that De Sancho has worked with professional athletes. Some of those who have passed through his salon ‘DeSancho Estilistas’ are Jon Stefansson , Valencia Basket escort, Luke Sikma, John Shurna or Valencia CF footballer Danilo Barbosa .

DeSancho eurocopa

De Sancho has not limited himself solely to working with professional athletes, among the most recognized personalities is Thaksin Shinawatra , a tycoon and former Thai prime minister and leader of one of the main political parties in the country who took over the soccer team in 2007 Manchester City .

For Jorge de Sancho, this latest achievement is the result of the work that he and his team at DeSancho Estilistas do every day, for this reason he thanks each of them for their constant dedication, because “without them it would not be possible”.

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