Desancho Stylists at Redken Weekend 2019

The Redken Weekend – Get Inspired 2019 is the most important event organized by Redken, the American brand focused on the sale of hair care products, color, etc.

This event took place the first weekend of this month of October, in Barcelona (Spain).

The event was attended by more than 300 guests linked to the sector, guests who witnessed each of the hairdressing shows that took place throughout the conference, shows that combined cutting-edge with hairdressing techniques, colors and the trends of this season.

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The main theme of this edition of Redken Weekend was boxing and urban style, therefore, from Desancho Estilistas we prepared a show and a collection that fit perfectly with the theme.

Collection Desancho Stylists

The collection presented by Desancho Estilistas is the Sonder collection , a collection that represents urban art or street art, frequently based on rebellious and illegal acts. Street Art encompasses both graffiti and other various forms of street art expression such as music. Today, each person defends their look according to their ideals through freedom of expression. In short, it is a way to express your character through a personalized style.

In the following video you can see the Sonder collection:

Other event participants

However, Desancho was not the only participant. Sam Villa attended the event as an international guest artist. Villa focused on showing the guests trends and technique, especially in haircuts.

The Oculto Hair Club and Cafuné Hair Boutique salons also attended and were an active part of the event, salons that contested the triumph of the Redken Battle.

redken weekend 2019 img - desancho

In addition, the Redken Artists, inspired by nature and based on the fashion shows of the designer Alexander McQueen, held a very special show in which they sought to show the guests the reaction of the mane to fire, air, earth and water (the four elements of nature).

redken weekend 2019 img - desancho

This was the first time that Desancho Estilistas participated in the Redken Weekend shows . We are proud to have been part of an event of this caliber and of our show and collection, in which the entire team has actively participated to achieve the final result.

redken weekend 2019 img - desancho

Would we repeat it again? Definitely!

At Desancho Estilistas we seek knowledge of the latest trends to bring them to our beauty salon and to our clients, that is why we love participating in events that help us expand our knowledge and encourage us to do our best to get new collections.

redken weekend 2019 img - desancho

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