Hair contouring, a very stylish beard

Would you like to transform your face and be up to date at the same time? Head over to hair contouring , to start the year with the most current style of the moment!

The latest trend in beards is hair conturing, an innovative technique used to modify features and make you look more attractive through the [ss_kw]beard[/ss_kw] and [ss_kw]mustache[/ss_kw] . This procedure studies the contour of the face to define the type of hairstyle and hair styling with retro touches , more suitable for each person.

The beard and mustache allow you to radically transform your face, making you feel more manly and attractive. And you can also achieve different looks, personal and unique to differentiate yourself from the rest! However, to modify and make the face more attractive and achieve the result you are looking for, do not forget that with the beard it is the same as with the hair: not everything goes!

In our hairdresser in Valencia you will find great stylists who will be in charge of studying your features to propose the Contouring hair that best suits them. Through the professional study of the face you will not only achieve a harmonious and balanced result. You can also enhance your “strengths” and hide small imperfections.

[ss_kw]Elongated face[/ss_kw]

The lower jaw area is left more populated to round out the facial oval. With this you will achieve a more balanced optical effect with a more defined chin.

[ss_kw]Rounded face[/ss_kw]

In this case the opposite effect is pursued. The rounded face can be optically lengthened and contours defined for a more masculine face by letting the beard grow down.

The haircut, the beard or the mustache are elements of great versatility. Any type of beard, even the shortest ones, can completely transform your features. Also the mustache and goatee!

And of course, if you want to differentiate yourself and achieve a personal and unique style, you can use these elements to make a difference: greased mustache with upturned tips, long and sharp sideburns, mustache and goatee …

Come to our hairdresser in Valencia and know everything that hair contouring can do for you. Let yourself be advised by our stylists and have fun with the new capillary street style that is sweeping the streets and on the catwalks.

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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