Hair Loss Remedies That Work

Hair loss is a problem for many men and women over time, especially at this time of year. And the thing is, hair helps us all to mark our character and personality and lose it… it is not to anyone’s taste!

Hair loss is a problem for many men and women over time, especially at this time of year. And the thing is, hair helps us all to mark our character and personality and lose it… it is not to anyone’s taste!

For this reason, from Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia, we have decided to tell you some [ss_kw]remedies for hair[/ss_kw] loss.

However, before we go over the main causes of hair loss:

  • Genetics : Genetics is a very important factor that influences hair loss.
  • Hormonal problems : some diseases, for example, those related to the thyroid affect the hair a lot.
  • Stress : stress is another of the most frequent causes of hair loss.
  • Food : food can help us to strengthen the mane or weaken it. Therefore, bet on a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrients from fruits, vegetables, etc.
  • Sun : exposure to the sun can damage our hair and cause it to fall out sooner. Therefore, it is advisable to wear hats or caps

There are many other causes that can affect such as anemia, excess vitamins and so on.

Here are some [ss_kw]tips to avoid hair loss[/ss_kw] in men and women. Do not miss it!

Tips to avoid hair loss in men

Pay attention to these remedies for hair loss in men:

  • Use of masks : many men think that the use of masks is exclusive to women…. that’s not true! The use of hair masks is very appropriate for men because it will help them to keep it healthy and strong, avoiding hair loss.
  • Cold water for hair : Using cold water is good for the hair, not only to activate circulation, but also not to damage it. Hot water makes hair weaker.
  • Take care of your diet : there are many foods that provide specific nutrients to strengthen hair and antioxidant foods that provide health to the hair. Some of the most recommended are kiwis, blue fish, red fruits, and so on.

Tips to avoid hair loss in women

Women should follow the same [ss_kw]hair loss remedies[/ss_kw] as men. However, it is important to add a very important advice, which tends to lose relevance in the case of men, especially if the man has short hair.

That advice is this: hair brushing, the [ss_kw]best remedy for hair loss[/ss_kw] in women.

Hair brushing is essential for women. Avoid later knots and this makes the hair break much less. Brush your hair every day! In addition, it is advisable to avoid dry hair, when the hair is wet it is much more sensitive and therefore it is easier to pull it out.

From Desancho Estilistas we recommend that you dry it gently and, once it is dry, brush it and detangle it with a comb that has sufficiently long bristles.

Anti-hair loss blisters

Although we bet on the [ss_kw]effective remedies for hair[/ss_kw] loss that we have mentioned, sometimes we know that it is not enough and it is difficult to fight against genetics or against some diseases that seriously damage our hair health.

For this reason, we want to tell you all about the [ss_kw]best anti-hair loss ampoules[/ss_kw] that you can find on the market, anti- [ss_kw]hair loss ampoules for men[/ss_kw] and anti- [ss_kw]hair loss ampoules for women[/ss_kw] .

These ampoules are the Cerafill Retaliate ampoules, perfect anti-hair loss ampoules to strengthen the mane and prevent hair loss. They are an ideal shock treatment for women and men who at this time of year lose more hair and want to strengthen it.

In Desancho Estilistas, with the intention of helping you maintain the density of your hair, this month you can find a perfect promotion for you: a second box of ampoules with a 40% discount, over the usual price.

Check all the details of this promotion. And if you have any questions, contact us or visit our beauty salon.

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