Diode laser hair removal

In Desancho Estilistas we are going to talk to you about diode laser hair removal. It is the one we use in our center and, in our opinion, the best alternative for permanent hair removal. Find out why!

Waxing is a routine that, for many people, is very difficult to endure. They feel pain and do not like to do it regularly. That is why they opt for the permanent option. However, today there are so many options that it is difficult to decide on one.

In Desancho Estilistas we are going to talk to you about [ss_kw]diode laser hair removal[/ss_kw] . It is the one we use in our center and, in our opinion, the best alternative for permanent hair removal. Find out why!

What is diode laser hair removal?

First of all, we will start by explaining [ss_kw]what diode laser hair removal is[/ss_kw] . This permanent technique consists of applying a beam of light to a specific area of the skin. In this way, the energy of the machine is accumulated, the follicles are heated and destroyed.

What makes this type of permanent hair removal different is that it has a much longer wavelength than other treatments. This makes it ideal for the strongest hair, brown skin and, very remarkable, for men. It is perfect to apply in the widest areas that you want to wax like the back, for example.

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How many sessions does it take?

The results of this type of hair removal begin to be observed from the first moment. In addition, the success of this type of treatment is around 95% of patients . But, how many [ss_kw]diode laser hair removal sessions[/ss_kw] do you need to get it?

The number of sessions depends on your age, skin type and hair. Normally, 6 to 8 sessions are needed to achieve the best results. However, quite a few people usually need 1 or 3 more sessions. In this it is best to be advised by a professional.

Does laser hair removal hurt?

One of the biggest concerns is pain . Normally, people opt for permanent hair removal to escape the wax or the machines with which they have to periodically pull their hair. However, they are also concerned about whether it [ss_kw]hurts to depilate with a diode laser[/ss_kw] .

If you put yourself in the hands of professionals who know how to adapt the energy of the laser, you shouldn’t feel more than a prick . Nothing very sharp to worry about. You should always bear in mind that in the most intimate areas you may feel a little pain, but it is completely normal. In these areas is the most sensitive skin of our body.

Benefits of diode laser hair removal

If you are still not very clear about the reasons to opt for this alternative, we are going to tell you about the [ss_kw]benefits of diode laser hair removal[/ss_kw] :

  • Its permanent. Not having to wax for a long, long time is one of the great benefits and one of the main reasons for choosing this option.
  • It is practically painless. As we have already mentioned, the pain of having [ss_kw]diode laser hair removal[/ss_kw] is practically non-existent.
  • It is a fast and safe method. When applied following the necessary measures, with good instruments and having studied the skin and hair well, this method is one of the safest. If you put yourself in the hands of a good professional you will not have to worry.
  • Improved self-esteem. People who like to look hairless, when they manage to remove it in a permanent and effective way, feel an improvement in their self-esteem.
  • Hygiene. Especially for runners, this method is clean and gives them the aerodynamics they need.
  • Helps folliculitis and hirsutism. Many dermatologists recommend the use of lasers to combat these skin diseases directly related to hair or its growth.

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Does it have side effects?

Another big question is about the side effects of this type of hair removal . Before undergoing this type of treatment, the ideal is that you take certain minimum precautions: hydrate your skin, do not sunbathe three days before and after waxing … And avoid the laser if you have suffered certain diseases related to the skin, if have you had any laser resurfacing, if you are taking any skin treatment and, of course, if you are pregnant.

Once you take into account these recommendations, the side effects that the laser usually has are minimal. If you see that you suffer from any of them, your center will be able to advise you to maintain your skin care.

These are the main side effects :

  • Redness
  • Bruises
  • Soft pain
  • Itch
  • Hemorrhage
  • Swelling of the follicles

As you can see, they are mild symptoms that should not have a major complication.

Laser hair removal or photoepilation?

First of all, it must be clarified that the term photoepilation is valid for both types of hair removal (laser and pulsed light). However, photoepilation is popularly used to refer to pulsed light hair removal.

But there are notable differences between the two.

The fundamental difference is in the type of light used: To give a practical example, we could say that laser hair removal is more selective and photoepilation is like “trawling”.

Laser depilation. This type of hair removal is very precise. The light from the equipment is monochromatic which makes it better absorbed by melanin. All the light particles go in the same direction through the hair ending up destroying the root. That is why the laser is much more accurate and effective.

The photoepilation is suitable for all skin types. Unlike the laser, its beam of light is polychromatic which makes it move in all directions and does not go directly to the root of the hair. Its main drawback is that if it is not used by expert professionals it can cause burns. More sessions are needed to destroy hair


If you are thinking of getting [ss_kw]diode laser hair removal[/ss_kw] in Valencia and you don’t know where to go, Desancho Estilistas is your center! We are specialized in this treatment and we have the best technology. Put yourself in our hands!

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