The benefits of argan oil for hair

At DeSancho Estilistas we work with this fantastic ingredient to get our clients to get a beautiful hair. Therefore, we are going to share with you everything we know about the effects of argan oil for hair.

Argan oil is to Morocco what olive oil is to us, it is its particular “liquid gold”. And the truth is that, in the world of cosmetics, the [ss_kw]benefits of argan oil for hair[/ss_kw] are already more than known. It is one of the natural products par excellence when you want to keep your hair hydrated and beautiful.

At DeSancho Estilistas we work with this fantastic ingredient to get our clients to get a beautiful hair. Therefore, we are going to share with you everything we know about the effects [ss_kw]of argan oil for hair[/ss_kw] . Keep reading!

What is argan oil?

To begin, we address the simplest question: [ss_kw]What is argan oil[/ss_kw] ? As we have already mentioned, this product is originally from Morocco. In fact, it is only grown in the southwestern part of the country. It comes, exactly, from the extract of the seeds of the argan tree . It is a unique product and highly valued not only for its few crops, but because this tree takes 10 years to bear fruit.

To ensure that you are acquiring the best [ss_kw]argan oil for hair,[/ss_kw] you should make sure that it is pure and that it has been extracted with a first cold pressing. It has a light golden color and its smell is very mild. In this way, you already know [ss_kw]what argan oil is[/ss_kw] and how to identify it.

What is it for?

What [ss_kw]is argan oil used for[/ss_kw] ? The truth is that this ingredient has multiple uses , even culinary. Always in its different versions, which you can differentiate by its extraction process. However, we are going to address [ss_kw]what argan oil is used for[/ss_kw] in cosmetics :

  • Provides a lot of hydration for hair and skin . That is why it is present in numerous creams and facial treatments.
  • It is perfect for treating skin scars , as it helps to blur them.
  • For this reason, it helps to prevent stretch marks .
  • It is a good soothing for irritated skin .
  • When you have acne or localized blemishes , argan oil will help treat them.
  • It is a perfect nail strengthener .
  • Helps in the prevention of dandruff and split ends .

Knowing [ss_kw]what argan oil is for[/ss_kw] and its many cosmetic uses will help you to use it properly.

What properties does it have?

The valuable [ss_kw]properties of argan oil[/ss_kw] are what makes it one of the star products of cosmetics. This oil is composed of high doses of vitamin E and omega 3 fatty acids . This last component makes the product a perfect antioxidant. In addition, among the [ss_kw]properties of argan oil[/ss_kw] we find lupeol , thanks to which this product is so moisturizing.

Benefits of argan oil for hair

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One of the main reasons to [ss_kw]use argan oil on hair[/ss_kw] is its many benefits . You have already seen that it is not only used in the hair field, but the truth is that it acts in a very positive way on the hair.

These are the main [ss_kw]benefits of argan oil for hair[/ss_kw] :

  • Moisturizes hair and gives it a shiny appearance, reducing dryness to the maximum.
  • When you have dry hair, it is very possible that dandruff appears, or that you have itchiness or irritation . With a specific procedure, argan oil for hair can be able to eliminate these symptoms in a certain time.
  • If you have curly or frizzy hair that is difficult to control, argan oil will also help keep it at bay.
  • Argan oil also fights split ends . If your hair is somewhat damaged, before cutting it apply a little of this product before going to bed, you will see how, in a few weeks, your hair is healthier.

Do you keep wondering why use argan oil on your hair? If you have not yet convinced yourself with these [ss_kw]benefits of argan oil[/ss_kw] , we will also tell you that this product helps prevent premature graying of hair. And, in addition, its benefits can be observed in a few weeks.

What can argan oil be used for?

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Finally, we are going to tell [ss_kw]you what argan oil is used for[/ss_kw] in hair treatments. There is more than one way to apply this product to your hair and notice its many benefits.

  • As a hair straightener.
  • To treat damaged or dry hair.
  • Argan oil for oily hair.
  • To heal dry or cracked ends.

The best ways to apply this product can be consulted with your trusted beauty center. Argan oil is an element that varies greatly depending on its application and that can be used in many different ways .

In conclusion, in Desancho stylists , once the [ss_kw]benefits of argan oil for hair[/ss_kw] have been exposed, we encourage you to try it. From our center we will guide you so that you know which is the best way to apply [ss_kw]argan oil to your hair[/ss_kw] . Do not hesitate any more! Ask us!

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