How to fix badly cut hair?

Surely it has happened to you sometime, you want bangs, but you don’t want to go to the hairdresser, and you do it at home … Disaster! Or you don’t have time to go, and cut your hair yourself, another disaster! The most normal thing when you see that you have damaged your hair is to despair and be ashamed to go to your salon to have it repaired.

Do not worry! In Desancho we help you to know how to fix [ss_kw]badly cut hair[/ss_kw] . And, of course, we do it without problems! Read this article and, if you feel identified, get in touch with our professionals and we will find the solution. So how do you fix [ss_kw]poorly cut hair[/ss_kw] ?

Risks of cutting your hair at home

If, in spite of everything, you are still convinced that you can cut your hair yourself at home … First, you must know the risks of doing it, and we are not just talking about badly cut hair. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t cut your hair yourself :

  • The result will never be professional . It’s one thing to touch up your bangs “a little” if you’re very clever. But a self-made cut is very difficult to make, even for professionals.
  • Utensils can damage your hair . The scissors that hairdressers use are made of titanium, much sharper than any you may have at home, and with a specific tip. Normal scissors damage the cuticle, leading to frizziness.
  • Do you know which cut looks best on your hair? If you are not a professional, it will be difficult for you to do a good analysis of your hair. Therefore, the cut you choose may not be suitable.

The dreaded haircuts

Of course, this risk deserved a point to itself. The height of [ss_kw]badly cut hair[/ss_kw] is shearing . Cutting one’s hair increases its appearance remarkably. This is because there are areas that you cannot see. Therefore, you make use of mirrors, and if you don’t control a lot, getting your hand out of hand is a piece of cake.

In addition, shearing is difficult to fix . And the bigger it is, the worse. If you have straight hair, things get even more complicated, since the shearing will be totally visible and impossible to camouflage.

Maintain hair care and go to a professional for cutting

One of the main reasons that move a woman to cut her hair herself is the difficulty of going to a professional . Either due to lack of time, extreme situations …

However, the last solution you should turn to is to cut your hair yourself. Even if you see it spoiled. The best thing is that you take care of your hair, try to keep it as healthy as possible and, when you can, go to your hairdresser in Valencia to do the cut.

You can improve the damaged appearance of your hair a little with some home remedies that we are going to tell you about now. In this way, the wait will not be so long until you go to the hairdresser.

  • Use a bowl for three tablespoons of olive oil, an egg white and a tablespoon of honey. Next, mix everything until you get a homogeneous dough. With your hands, apply it to the hair from the middle to the ends. Let it act for an hour and wash your hair normally.

In short, in Desancho we tell you that it is not impossible to fix [ss_kw]badly cut hair[/ss_kw] . But, we warn you that possibly the solution is to cut more. If you don’t want to go to this extreme, we are waiting for you at our hairdresser in Valencia! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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