The risks of doing the dye at home without being professional

There are techniques and different ways to do it to make it look good. At DeSancho we are going to explain the risks of homemade dye. If you want to know why you should go to a professional to do the coloring, keep reading!

If you dye your hair regularly, surely you have ever considered the possibility of doing it yourself at home . It’s cheaper, it lasts the same, and it can’t be that complicated, can it? However, the hair coloring process goes much further than meets the eye. There are techniques and different ways to do it to make it look good. And, above all, to avoid damaging the hair.

At DeSancho we are going to explain the [ss_kw]risks of homemade dye[/ss_kw] . If you want to know why you should go to a professional to do the coloring, keep reading!

Risks of doing the dye at home

Are there really the risks of dyeing at home ? Coloring is, after all, a chemical process that contains substances that can irritate or cause allergies. In addition, you must know very well the color processes so that the exact tone you are looking for is left. All this, without being professional, is difficult to understand and apply correctly. Therefore, doing a homemade dye can be more damaging than you think.

How does it affect?

Hair health

All dyes affect the hair fiber . Therefore, if you do not know how to apply it, if it is recommended or not or what type to choose according to your hair, it is very possible that you will damage it. Generally, the health consequences for hair are lifting of the cuticle and hair dryness. This can lead to itching since your hair looks very unhealthy .

Therefore, the purpose of the dye, which is to make the hair look beautiful, is completely lost. When our hair is not healthy, it looks ugly and unkempt. In a professional center, we also use different pre and post treatments to guarantee the health of your hair.

Hair color

Not just any stain looks good on all colors. To apply a shade that looks good on you, a professional studies your natural hair color, skin color, and eyes. One of the main risks of homemade dye is that you make a mistake in the color and it will not be at all as you were looking for. In the same way, if you already had a dye applied and you do a new color, you run the risk of creating two different shades in your hair.

Generally, professionals recommend warm dyes, such as red, copper or gold, on blonde hair. As for brunettes, the ideal is to opt for cool tones, such as pink, gray or purple. Of course, do not trust yourself, depending on the brand and the type of product you use, the result may vary.

Low quality dyes

Finally, one of the great dangers of applying the dye at home is choosing a product of poor quality. In this case, cheap can be very expensive, since these colors can contain toxic ingredients. These are the ones you should avoid in the composition of the dyes :

  • Paraphendylenediamine
  • Ammonia Mercury
  • Ammonia or Ammonium Hydroxide
  • Peroxide
  • Nonylphenol or Octylphenol
  • Parabens and Phathalates
  • Resorcinol
  • Formaldehyde

If you want to do a coloring or if you have done it yourself before knowing these [ss_kw]risks of home dyeing[/ss_kw] , go to a professional to solve it. At DeSancho we are experts in taking care of your hair and leaving it perfect. Contact us!

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