Trends and cuts for curly hair

At DeSancho we are experts in dealing with curly hair, and we always keep abreast of the latest news. That is why we are going to tell you about curly hair trends that you cannot miss. Keep reading!

Curly manes are taking more and more presence. Those women who were so determined to straighten them, are now rediscovering their hair and taking advantage of it. However, finding the perfect [ss_kw]curly haircut[/ss_kw] can be a bit tricky, as these manes tend to be a bit more unruly than straight ones.

At DeSancho we are experts in dealing with curly hair, and we always keep abreast of the latest news, both in care and trends. That is why we are going to tell you about [ss_kw]curly hair trends[/ss_kw] that you cannot miss. Keep reading!

Best cuts for curly hair

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As with any type of hair, to get a good curly haircut you must first of all analyze the hair well to know all its characteristics. Let’s not forget that there are many different types of curl, and that each one of them favors a different style.

However, broadly speaking, at DeSancho we opted for these cuts for curly manes:

Layered cut

Generally, curly hair tends to have a lot of volume on its own. It is hair with a lot of movement. However, when you have a lot of it, it can become excessive (although it all depends on preferences). For these thick, curly manes, a good layered cut is best. You can keep the length if it is not what you want. In addition, the layers will add a touch of life to your mane.

Scrolled tips

However, if layers are not your thing, but you want to subtract some volume from your hair, it is best to opt for some paraded ends. This technique is perfect with curly hair, since it consists of thinning the hair in strategic areas. You will be able to maintain the movement of your hair in a natural way.

XXL mane

Contrary to what you might think, curly hair is completely compatible with an extra long mane. However, in this case the type of curl does play a fundamental role when choosing the cut to be made. Generally, it is recommended for curly XXL hair to keep it layered. Especially if your curl is very small, if you don’t want to get an Afro style. In addition, this type of hair is compatible with bangs. A cut that is becoming more and more fashionable among curly hair.

Shorter front locks

Another way to subtract some volume from a long curly bob is to cut the front locks shorter. So that they frame the face. Visually, the hair will get less volume, but it will not lose movement.

Medium mane

For a long time, curly hairs fled from the half manes. However, they are currently a trend, becoming one of the quintessential cuts for this type of hair. It is true that the curl tends to lift the hair and that shorter hairstyles tend to lift it. That is why it is crucial, when it comes to getting a good cut, to put yourself in expert hands who know how to take advantage of your hair. Also, if you are one of the daring ones, you can go with a fringe or with the side parting. Give it your personal touch!


The last cut is for the bravest. However, it is the most comfortable that we can present. It is a “masculine” style cut, very short and perfect for curly hair. It is very easy to maintain and, in addition, it can be very flattering, even sexy. You dare?

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Trends and hairstyles for curly hair

Once you’ve chosen your perfect cut, it’s time to learn about the [ss_kw]curly hair trends[/ss_kw] that stand out in hair fashion.

Tiered with parting in the middle

One of the hairstyles that never goes out of style for curls is the tiered cut worn with a part in the middle . There are many celebrities who opt for this hairstyle since, although very simple, it has a very elegant and natural result. In addition, it provides a lot of movement to the hair, since it is left completely “free”.

Extremely marked curls

If something has changed, and in our opinion for the better, in [ss_kw]curly hairstyles[/ss_kw] it is the way to mark them. Currently, the curl is very well defined and cared for, making the manes look unique and spectacular. Today there are numerous techniques to achieve this, and a whole method to work curly hair. So don’t think twice and start showing your curls at their best. You will go from having beautiful hair to a spectacular mane.


The [ss_kw]highlights on curly hair[/ss_kw] can bring a different and novel touch to your look, and at DeSancho we bet on these three variants:

Bicolor highlights

Although the result is not usually 100% satisfactory on straight hair, curly hair is perfect for wearing two-tone highlights. They tend to be softer , giving the hair depth and shine, even marking the curl and enhancing it.

Single color highlights

This type of highlights, generally, tends to look good with any type of hair. Of course, curly hair was not going to be less. In addition, whatever your hair color and the tone you choose for your highlights, the contrast with the curls will be spectacular . Put yourself in good hands to get the perfect combination and enjoy it.

Balayage highlights

The latest trends in [ss_kw]curly hair highlights[/ss_kw] are the well-known balayage. Generally, the result is “better” when applied to long blonde hair , lightening with this type of dye. However, in our salon we believe that, when the technique is applied well and a good contrast is achieved, it is possible to perform it with almost any hair tone. If you are interested, you just have to consult us and we will guide you in the universe of balayage.

Curly hair care

Of course, if you have curly hair and you want to look nice, it is very important that you give it the necessary care . To do this, the first thing you should do is know your hair well. Although it may seem obvious, not everyone knows their hair perfectly, which makes it difficult to provide the necessary care. The best way if you want to start working on it properly is to go to a beauty salon where they can tell you what type of hair you have, what is your curl and what is the routine that will suit you best .

However, here are some general tips to start taking care of your curly hair:

Use a specific shampoo

The good thing about the world of hair care is that there are shampoos for all types of hair. There are even those that differentiate between types of curls. Therefore, to take good care of your hair and always have it perfect, it is important to start with a shampoo that helps you achieve it. Believe it or not, when you start using specific products, your hair notices it.

Conditioner is key

The curl needs good nutrition to look defined and cared for. One of the key steps for this is the use of a special conditioner for your hair type. In this way, you will be able to avoid some tangles and start to get rid of the particular frizz that usually accompanies curly hair.

The brush

With curly hair, it is just as important to know how to style it as the type of brush to use for it. Generally, it helps to do it when the hair is still damp, as it is easier and prevents breakage. In addition, the brush that most often benefits these manes are wide-bristled combs, since they slide without damaging the hair.

Use diffuser

When drying, it is best to have a diffuser. This accessory to the dryer will help you keep your curls defined and cared for. Of course, always use it at a safe distance and, if possible, with medium temperature.

Fixing products, always alcohol-free

Although today the trend in curly hair is to leave it as natural as possible, if you have to use a fixing product such as foams or mousse , it is important that you do it with those that do not contain alcohol. The only thing that this ingredient does is that the hair becomes more brittle and dry.

Night routine

If you have curly hair, you will know well that sleep is not your best ally. However, if you start using the trick of tying a silk scarf that gathers your hair, you will see how you wake up with your curls intact and perfect. It is something you should start doing as soon as possible.

Looking to wear modern curly hair in Valencia?

Still haven’t found the perfect place to get your [ss_kw]curly haircut[/ss_kw] in Valencia? Then you are on the right page. At DeSancho we are experts in the care of any type of hair , including curly hair. On our Instagram you can see some results of clients who have come to us to make their hair look perfect.

If you have curly hair and want to start enjoying it for real, don’t hesitate and visit us. We are waiting!

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