Easy and elegant hairstyles for kings night

There is less and less left for the traditional night of the Three Kings, a very familiar night full of magic for both children and adults.

There is less and less left for the traditional night of the Three Kings , a very familiar night full of magic for both children and adults.

In Spain it is very popular to spend tonight with loved ones and even meet friends for a drink. If you are one of the women who complies with this tradition and you have commitments on the night of the Three Kings, do you want to know what are the [ss_kw]easy and elegant hairstyles[/ss_kw] most suitable for tonight? From Desancho Estilistas, [ss_kw]your hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , we will tell you about it.

One of the most important things about Twelfth Night is that the hairstyle you wear is consistent with the rest of the look. Having said that, we tell you what are the four easy and elegant hairstyles to wear tonight :

  1. Loose Hair With Headband: This hairstyle is very fresh, natural and relaxed. It is a simple hairstyle for the night because it requires almost no elaboration. Comb your hair, leave it straight, curly or with water waves and put on a nice headband with a discreet sparkle and you will be perfect.
  2. Undone Low Ponytail: It is a very casual, romantic and sweet hairstyle. With this type of more informal ponytail you will be perfect, original and also very natural, managing to comply with one of the most important rules of beauty: naturalness.
  3. Low polished ponytail with central parting: It is a very simple but extremely sophisticated hairstyle. It is a hairstyle that is perfect without a wet effect and that is also a safe bet for almost any event. The accessories and the type of makeup are what help to reinforce this easy hairstyle so do not neglect them.
  4. Very high bun: it is one of the most recommended easy and elegant hairstyles. If you do not want to leave your hair to chance and you do not want to complicate yourself much, the ideal is that you collect your hair with a high but very simple bun, a classic and elegant hairstyle that greatly stylizes the neck and the shape of the face. So that it does not look disheveled, fix it a little, but that it is not polished and gummed.

There are many hairstyles that you can do. We have chosen some of the easiest and most elegant that will make you succeed on the most magical night of the year.

At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia, we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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