Tiger Eyes highlights: the latest in hairdressing

The Tiger Eyes wicks have entered with force this year 2017, displacing, in many cases, the famous balayage wicks.

The Tiger Eyes wicks have entered with force this year 2017, displacing, in many cases, the famous balayage wicks.

These highlights are [ss_kw]the ultimate in hairdressing[/ss_kw] . These are the highlights that will set the [ss_kw]trend in color in 2017[/ss_kw] , therefore, from Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we will tell you all the secrets of the new trend in coloring.

Tiger eyes

They are the fashionable highlights that imitate the famous mineral ‘tiger’s eye’, a semi precious stone with yellow, brown and gold tones that also has a multitude of natural reflections.

The ‘tiger eye’ is a type of quartz that presents a very shiny and very silky structure when cut, thus inspiring the Tiger Eyes highlights, the latest in hairdressing .

This trend is perfect for brown, chocolate and dark blonde hair and is perfect for wavy hair, creating relief, contrast and especially depth.

However, these highlights are also recommended if you have straight hair because the contrasting tones of the highlights create depth even in the straightest hair.

Tiger Eyes are very precise and can be made to suit each person. There are those who prefer them more marked, giving their look a more modern and youthful touch and there are those who prefer them more discreet and seek to achieve a natural hair but with points of light and brighter touches.

Who can we see with the Tiger Eyes highlights?

Currently there are many celebrities who have opted for this type of [ss_kw]modern highlights[/ss_kw] to [ss_kw]color their dark hair[/ss_kw] . Some of them are:

  • Ariadne Artiles : who wears a spectacular mane with caramel reflections typical of Tiger Eyes.
  • Jennifer López : is one of the celebrities who has managed to wear a hair with golden, bronze and brown tones.
  • Jessica Biel : the famous actress has achieved, thanks to the Tiger Eyes highlights, some precise highlights in her hair.
  • Olivia Palermo : Olivia has been another of the celebrities who has joined the trend highlights of 2017, the Tiger Eyes. The mane that she now wears draws attention due to the luminous and brilliant tone that she has achieved.
  • Alexa Chung : the famous Alexa Chung has known very well how to take advantage of the Tiger Eyes highlights to show off a highlighted and light mane.

Tiger Eyes highlights in Valencia

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia, we know the latest in hairdressing and hair coloring. Come to our beauty salon to make your Tiger Eyes highlights and show off a spectacular and lively mane.

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