Fine hair, these hairstyles are for you

Are you suffering because your hair does not have the volume and movement that you would like? Are your hairstyles not as showy as those of your friends? If you think that your hair will never be what you want because of your [ss_kw]fine hair[/ss_kw] , do not worry. With the ideas that Desancho Estilistas hairdressers bring you, you [ss_kw]hairdresser in Valencia[/ss_kw] , you will surely succeed and show off your beautiful hair.

The disadvantages of fine hair

Surely if your hair is too fine you will despair trying to give it shape and volume. You’ve even tried the weirdest solutions to make your fine hair appear thicker and thicker . The good news is that from now on you will no longer have to fight but ally with him. Do you think all your favorite celebrities have a dreamy mane? Although it may seem incredible to you, many of them have extra-fine hair and that does not prevent them from showing off the most it hairstyles and trends.

Read carefully the following tips from our stylists. With a little skill, you can adopt all the looks you like:

Casual ponytail with volume at the crown

Without a doubt, ponytails and pony tails are two of the easiest and most comfortable hairstyles that exist. But their added advantage is that they can become your off-road hairstyle of the summer. With very few variants you can wear a casual style by day and be the most glamorous at night. The tousled ponytail will be your secret weapon and it’s very easy to do !:

  • Gives some volume to the top of the ponytail
  • Pick up the hair leaving the scrunchie slightly loose to get the messy effect that we all like so much.
  • With your fingers, pull out a few strands for a casual and tousled touch.
  • With the help of a texturizer, foam or a simple touch of hairspray, give the ponytail some fluffiness. Optical effect guaranteed!


The pixie cut is always chic and sexy. And it is also especially suitable for fine hair. Take advantage of this advantage of your hair and cut to health. If you keep your bangs long, you can change your look every day.


Messy braids are another great solution for your fine hair. Make the hair braid and once it is finished loosen it and release some strands to achieve the natural effect you are looking for.


The midi hair has become one of the top trends in recent years. The length neither long nor short, sweeps among celebrities thanks to its versatility and possibilities. If you go for polished hair, do like Taylor Swift: wide waves and strategic waves framing the face. If you prefer straight hair, midi hair is a great option since the shorter the hair is, the more volume and movement it will have.

High bun

Adopt the ballerina bun, in a topknot version. This will allow you to play with the volume and incidentally, gain centimeters. You can add extra volume by teasing your hair or using a texturizer.

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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