Get creative with your bob cut!

The bob is one of the most requested fashion cuts in hairdressing salons. Many celebrities have opted for this modern and flattering cut that adapts to all types of faces

The [ss_kw]bob[/ss_kw] is one of the most requested fashion cuts in hairdressing salons. Many celebrities have opted for this modern and flattering cut that suits all types of faces. Now that summer is coming, this cool and comfortable hair style is perfect for you!

Do you want to mold the bob to your own personality? In our [ss_kw]Desancho Estilistas[/ss_kw] hairdresser you have at your disposal an excellent team of [ss_kw]stylist hairdressers[/ss_kw] who, after listening to your ideas, put them into practice adapting them to your appearance and lifestyle.

What is a bob cut?

The bob is a hairstyle that was very fashionable during the gay 20’s when our grandmothers danced the Charleston. This technique consists of a gradual escalation, leaving the hair in the front longer and going up until it reaches the back of the head.

The bob cut allows you to frame the face as if you had a medium length of hair while from behind you can wear your hair more or less short according to your tastes. This cut is perfect for all hair types.

The Bob is such a versatile cut that you can wear it in a thousand and one ways: loose, collected, with or without bangs, with a center or side parting, straight, wavy, curly … Take advantage of your creativity and you can change your look without changing your style in the blink of an eye!

Some Desancho ideas for your bob cut

  • [ss_kw]Bob with retro waves[/ss_kw] , like the ones Brittany Snow wears. They can be applied to both a short bob and a medium length. With very defined curls and a low side parting. With it you will have all the Hollywood glamor of the 40s and 50s.
  • [ss_kw]Bob with surf waves[/ss_kw] . The French actress and model Clémence Poésy has changed her usual image for a more modern, casual and comfortable style: bob with natural waves and parting in the middle. Anne Hathaway is also delighted to wear her new long bob .
  • [ss_kw]Bob with the hair back[/ss_kw] . Suitable for both long and short cuts. Actress Kate Mara has appeared numerous times with this hairstyle, performed on a sleek short bob, with the top hair slicked back and tied back with a barrette.
  • [ss_kw]Wet[/ss_kw] bob. It is the choice of actress Leelee Sobieski in some of her latest public appearances. A very feminine hairstyle that highlights and enhances facial features.
  • [ss_kw]Bob with side parting[/ss_kw] . Miroslava Duma, the so-called queen of street style , has changed her usual style of hair collected in a ponytail, for a short and retro bob that evokes the 20s. With a side parting and slightly wavy hair tied back with a bobby pin, it achieves a very youthful look.
  • [ss_kw]Smooth bob[/ss_kw] . Both in its long version (Elena Perminova) and short (Queen Leticia on some occasions) it is a very elegant choice. Striped in the middle or on the side.
  • [ss_kw]Bob with defined ends[/ss_kw] . Singer Haley Bennett has added a touch of vibrancy, modernity and freshness to her short bob by combing the ends outwards.
  • [ss_kw]Bob with semi-collected[/ss_kw] . It is the option that Emma Stone turns to on special occasions: bob with a side seam and hem.
  • [ss_kw]Bob with mini root braids[/ss_kw] . Sienna Miller transformed her wavy bob for a middle parted bob with two mini root braids. Super flattering!

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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