Haircuts according to the face

If you constantly ask yourself [ss_kw]how to know the cut that looks good on you,[/ss_kw] this article is for you. There are various hairstyles and haircuts that are in fashion for both women and men. However, this does not mean that they have to cut your hair like this since depending on your face one cut or another will be more suitable for you.

From Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we tell you what are the [ss_kw]haircuts according to the face[/ss_kw] for him and her.

Haircuts according to the face for him

We tell you which are the best [ss_kw]haircuts for men[/ss_kw] depending on the type of face you have:

Oval face

For men with oval faces, we bet on very short hair, without bangs and combed to the side or up, never down, as it is important to keep a clear forehead.

Round face

If you have a round face, it is best to wear longer hair since it will allow you to hide the shape of your face a bit. Haircuts that leave more volume in the upper part of the face are also advisable.

Square face

For men with a square face, we also like cuts that are shaved on the sides and with volume at the top. However, this type of face will also allow you to wear a casual and disheveled hairstyle.

Elongated face

To hide the elongated face, it is best to get a haircut that allows you to wear bangs, it will help your face look more oval.

Haircuts according to the face for her

Now, we tell you what are the [ss_kw]haircuts for women[/ss_kw] according to the type of face:

Oval face

For oval faces we love bob cuts , preferably with a midi hair combed with water waves, a very fashionable hairstyle today.

Round face

For women with a round face, we opted for long layered hair and, whenever possible, with the part in the middle of the head.

Square face

For square faces we like tousled hair with tousled bangs. It is a cut that sweetens and rejuvenates a lot.

Elongated face

For long faces we love bangs. These will help keep your face from looking too long. Remember that the bangs should not be too polished.

At Desancho stylistas we adapt trends to your style and the shape of your face. We will find out in a moment which haircut looks good on you!

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