Winter brides: wedding hairstyles

Winter weddings are more fashionable than ever. Currently, there are many brides who abandon the suspenders and the high temperatures to get married in the coldest season of the year: winter.

At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia , we know that all styling in general must change, not only the dress and makeup, but also the hairstyle .

In this article we tell you which are the 3 hairstyles that we like the most for winter weddings in 2017-2018 .

1. Picked up with ornaments

The decorations that winter brides use in their updos are very different from those of summer, those we are used to: flower crowns, flower hooks…. In the end, in summer most brides wear flowers. On the contrary, in autumn and winter it is more common to see metallic or copper flowers, plants and branches, etc. The truth is that autumn is the season for the most vintage ornaments.

2. Picked up with a messy touch

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The updo with this touch is especially aimed at the most casual brides, so if you are one of those do not hesitate … This hairstyle is for you! This type of hairstyle consists of a somewhat disheveled updo and is a safe bet for weddings that take place in any season, especially for fall-winter weddings.

The messy updo is perfect for women with fine hair because it can provide volume and body.

3. Loose mane

Before it was very rare to see brides with their hair down, regardless of the time of the wedding. Today, more and more women are joining this trend, a trend for the freshest and most natural brides. The loose hair can always be adorned with a complement and you can take it from straight, to wavy or curly. We love bridal hair with very subtle water waves.

We have only told you about 3 [ss_kw]hairstyles for brides[/ss_kw] . And it is that, this season 2017-2018 all the [ss_kw]hairstyles for winter brides[/ss_kw] are like the ones we have mentioned or derived from them.

If you want to be perfect on your wedding day come to Desancho Estilistas , our team of professionals will advise you on the best hairstyle for you based on your personality, your outfit, the time of year and also, depending on whether the ceremony is held during the day or at night.

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