The style of our team: Jorge De Sancho

Jorge De Sancho, along with Verónica Busó, is part of the management of Desancho Estilistas, our hairdresser in Valencia.

Jorge De Sancho is part of the management of Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia .

Desancho, a stylist with a career of more than 15 years, has developed his career in salons both in Spain and the United Kingdom and, in addition, he has also marked his career as a hairdresser participating in various beauty contests and winning an award at the Figaro Awards 2015, which helped him boost his personal brand.

For these reasons, our series of articles ” The style of our team ” closes with Jorge De Sancho, a set of posts where we have been able to get to know each of the stylists that is part of our team a little more.

Jorge De Sancho’s haircut

De Sancho claims to be a faithful follower of trends in haircuts , which is why he changes his cut according to the moment. However, despite the latest trends, the stylist never neglects his own style and what suits him.

Currently, for men, he opts for the most refined contours and the different lengths in the upper part. While for women he talks about the famous bob with neo-layers, one of the most current trends of the moment, and, of course, about the pixie cut, taking as a reference to the actress Keira Knightley.

estilo de nuestro equipo - jorge de sancho1

Color trends

Jorge De Sancho also talks about hair colors , although in this part he focuses more on hair coloring for women. The hairdresser ensures that the ideal color for a woman is one that fits perfectly with her personality and is capable of enhancing her natural beauty.

However, the stylist assures that the best hair color is the one that manages to merge with the cut, creating an individual look.

In addition, she adds that right now what is most popular are warm colors, that is, sand colors and polar blondes. However, according to De Sancho, for the most daring, fantasy colors stand out, a must-have of the moment.

The style of Jorge De Sancho

The stylist Jorge De Sancho defines himself as a “classic avant-garde” man. He says that what he likes best about styles is the ability of some to blend together to create a unique style. Regarding the fusion, he claims to be very attracted by the combination of a knowmad look with elegant touches.

estilo de nuestro equipo - jorge de sancho2

If you want to discover all the secrets about the Desancho Estilistas team, visit our hairdressing blog .

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