How to protect your hair from the cold

The beginning of the year brings with it the drop in temperatures. Normally we take care of our skin so that the cold does not damage it and dry it out, but… what do we do with the hair? How do we protect it?

The beginning of the year brings with it the drop in temperatures. Normally we take care of our skin so that the cold does not damage it and dry it out, but… what do we do with the hair? How do we protect it?

Throughout this article we give you some tips so that you know [ss_kw]how to protect your hair from the cold[/ss_kw] in these months, tips that will help you show off a heart attack, shiny and healthy mane during the winter months.

Tips to protect your hair from the cold

Don’t miss the tips to protect your hair from the cold !

  1. Cover your hair : covering your hair in cold weather is essential. Especially in places where the temperatures are very low. This tip will not only help you stay out of the cold, but also take care of and protect your hair from moisture. Bet for this by cap and hats made with natural fibers.
  1. Use the right products : using the right products will help you a lot to protect your hair. Currently we can find products suitable for all types of hair, selecting the right products is the key. There are shampoos, oils of all kinds (for example: coconut oil), masks, serums, protective sprays, conditioners, and so on. Consult with a hair specialist to find out which one is right for you. It is the best way to help your hair stay healthy.
  1. Reduce the use of drying and ironing utensils : in winter we are all used to drying our hair and, in addition, we do it at high temperatures. You can dry your hair but do it with the drying temperature low, so as not to dry it out. Regarding the irons, avoid them, especially in times when the cold is excessive and the heat is also excessive, such as during the summer.
  1. Bet on hydrating treatments: hydrating treatments for the hair are key at this time of year. Visit our hairdresser to discover which ones are the most suitable for your hair type and which ones are the best to obtain the results you want.
  1. Wash your hair with warm water : wash your hair with warm water, very hot water can be harmful to the hair and promote hair loss, especially in cold months.
  1. Use a thermal protector : in the cold months we are more used to using the dryer and the iron. For this reason, it is advisable to use a thermal protector that acts as a barrier.

What to do if my hair is damaged?

If you have not managed to protect your hair from low temperatures, it is best to directly perform a hair treatment that hydrates it in depth. One of the most demanded is the keratin treatment, a treatment that will not only help you hydrate all your hair, it will also make it much more manageable. Also, getting a haircut to clean it up, preventing it from breaking is another good idea.

How do I know if my hair is damaged? Damaged hair can be seen from a distance. Irregularities are noticed throughout the hair and, also, hair is normally very frizzy. In addition, these hairs are not soft to the touch and look lifeless as they lack shine and vitality. On many occasions, the lack of hydration also makes the mane unmanageable, so manageability can be another great indicator. However, if you know your hair well … you surely know when the cold and other external agents have damaged it!

Remember that summer is not the only time when you have to take care of your hair. The heat, the beach and the pool during the summer, the cold and the wind in winter, the loss of hair in the autumn … each season is associated with different hair problems! So do not neglect your hair at any time.

If you want more information about protecting your hair in winter, visit us. At Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia, we help you make your hair look healthy and shiny at any time of the year.

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