Modern women’s hairstyles to change your look

Throughout this article we will tell you what are some of the modern hairstyles and cuts for women that will be carried this season, perfect hairstyles for women who want to change the year with a different look.

With the turn of the year, many women are looking for [ss_kw]modern hairstyles for women[/ss_kw] , with the aim of changing their look.

If you are one of those women who wants to start the year with a [ss_kw]radical hairstyle change[/ss_kw] … keep reading!

Throughout this article, from Desancho Estilistas , our hairdresser in Valencia, we tell you what are some of the modern hairstyles and cuts for women that will be carried this season, perfect hairstyles for women who want to change the year with a different look.

The midi hair, the hair with a toupee and the bob cut are some of those that we have included in the list of modern hairstyles. Keep reading and discover what they are and which celebrities wear them!

Midi straight hair

The straight midi melea became fashionable a few years ago and continues to set trends. It is a way to give your look a change. It will provide you with a sophisticated and elegant touch worthy of admiration.

How to get this look? The best thing is to go to good professionals who will make you a perfect cut to obtain the desired results. You can do it with the part in the middle of the mane, with the part on one side or with bangs, obtaining a look known as ‘Cleopatra’. It’s up to you!

Many celebrities opt for this type of hair and they look completely straight, and even wavy. One of them is the famous actress Hiba Abouk. The young Spanish actress wears her hair completely straight and parted in the middle… she makes us fall in love!

Toupee mane

The toupee hair is not exclusive to men. The most daring women who want a modern hairstyle for women can go for this option. It gives the whole look a youthful and rocker touch worthy of women with character.

This type of hairstyle can be done with long hair, however, it is best to do it with short hair… it will look much better! Also, if you do a wet effect hairstyle, the result will be incredible.

Not many women today dare with him, although some like the model and actress Cara Develigne dare with everything.

Here we show you an image of the model with a toupee that we love, a look that is undoubtedly very casual.

Short hair

Short hair is not suitable for all women. In addition, very few dare with him. It is a very sophisticated and elegant cut that can be worn in many ways: with a toupee, with a parting in the middle, parting on the side … although we rarely see it with bangs.

However, this haircut with bangs is a great option to change your look because it is able to give the look a romantic touch, difficult to achieve with this type of haircut.

The South African actress Charlize Theron is one of the actresses who uses to wear her hair short in different ways … even with bangs! In the following image we show you how it looks.

How about?

Undone Bob

The bob cut is one of the favorite cuts for all women . It can be carried to different heights, combed in many ways (straight, wavy, curly), and even combined with straight, side or parted bangs in the middle.

If you are one of the women who usually have long hair and do not dare to make big changes … this may be a great option! With this cut you will not only be fashionable, you will also be able to give your whole style a change that will surely be very flattering for you.

Who wears this type of hairstyle? Many celebrities! One of those famous is the international model Bella Hadid… she, with this hair, makes us fall in love!


The Pixie cut is one of the most radical look changes. Many women opt for him to give their look a youthful and carefree touch. It can be worn longer or shorter, but the result is the same: an incredible cut suitable for the bravest .

Despite being a very short haircut, it is extremely feminine and can even be romantic. There are not many celebrities who have dared with it.

One of them is the Spanish actress Úrsula Corbero, who has us used to her constant changes of look.

In the following image we show you how it looks.

How about?

If you are looking for a beauty center where you can get radical haircuts or all kinds of hairstyles: hairstyles for events, hairstyles for short and long hair, etc., get in touch with us. At Desancho Estilistas we have the best team of hairdressers and stylists, a team that will help you change your look while maintaining your essence.

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