Men’s hairstyles trends 2020

With the arrival of 2020, new trends in [ss_kw]men’s hairstyles[/ss_kw] also arrive. Are you ready to go in style? At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia, we are concerned with both female and male beauty, for this reason we are up to date on the latest [ss_kw]trends in men’s hairstyles 2020[/ss_kw] and we want to share them with you

Fade hairstyle

The Fade hairstyle is a fade cut that involves decreasing the amount of hair from the top of the head to the bottom. This hairstyle continues to be one of the most demanded and one of the most seen on the best international male catwalks. Currently, it is worn by many celebrities, including the soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. We show you a picture of her haircut below.

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Spiky hairstyle

Among the most rebellious men’s hairstyles for 2020 is the Spiky. It is a hairstyle that consists of wearing the hair in a “disheveled” way, as if the old ‘spike hair’ were worn but more worked, looser and much more natural. To get a good Spiky hairstyle we recommend that you use styling gels and even waxes. We don’t like hair gel for this hairstyle! Miguel Ángel Silvestre looks like no one else!




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Dapper hairstyle

Do you identify with an elegant and seductive image? In that case the Dapper hairstyle is appropriate for you. It is one of the hairstyles that has been in fashion for several seasons, both in men and women. It is a hairstyle that adapts to your tastes and your hair type and you can do it with more or less volume.

Mad Men actor Jon Hamm is one of the celebrities who has sported this type of haircut.

Hairstyle with long or medium hair

This hairstyle can be worn by leaving your hair long and going to a beauty salon only to make the necessary arrangements. There are many celebrities who have sported this men’s hairstyle for 2020. Among the most prominent: Johnny Depp , Brad Pitt , Tom Cruise , Ashton Kutcher … With this type of hairstyle you can make the famous ” Man Bun “, a very comfortable style appropriate for men with long hair who prefer to wear it up. Another celebrity who has worn this hairstyle many times is actor Brad Pitt.




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Buzz hairstyle

The Buzz hairstyle is the famous full shave. It is one of the most permanent trends in men’s hairstyles 2020 out there and it is perfect for those who no longer have so much hair on their heads or for those who do not want to waste a minute getting ready. It is not the first time that in Desancho Estilistas we have talked to you about the Buzz cut and it is a boy’s hairstyle that we have been seeing for many years and that does not go out of style or winter.

When thinking about this hairstyle, it is inevitable that the actor from the famous Prison Break series, Wentworth Miller, does not come to mind.

Undercut hairstyle

The undercut haircut is a haircut that suits all ages and different styles. It is one of the modern men’s cuts that became fashionable a few years ago and that continues to be seen on the international menswear catwalks. The cut consists of wearing the sides with less hair than the top of the head. The temple area is also very clear. We could say that it is one of the types of men’s degraded cuts that are most in demand today in beauty centers. The undercut hairstyle has been worn by many famous men. One of them is the model and ex-footballer David Beckham, a loyal follower of the undercut and half-length hair. He has a heart attack!

Do you dare to change your look this season?

At Desancho Estilistas, your hairdresser in Valencia, we select the best trends in men’s hairstyles 2020 and adapt them to your style.

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