Hydration treatment for a mane 10

All women love to wear a beautiful mane, full of shine and movement. However, sometimes hair does not look healthy and well cared for: it is frizzy , difficult to style, weak or brittle. They are the effects of [ss_kw]dry and poorly hydrated hair[/ss_kw] .

Repair the effects of dryness with a hydrating treatment

Luckily, damage can be repaired with proper care. At our hairdresser in Valencia we have the solution to make you go back to being your old self: strong and hydrated, flexible and under control. The secret? Proper hydration and professional maintenance to keep you looking healthy. Remember that beauty begins with health . Strong and healthy hair is hydrated, beautiful and cared for hair.

Forget dry and frizzy hair! Fix it in 5 steps

If you are tired of fighting dryness and you think it is impossible to control your hair no matter how hard you try, do not despair! Go to our hairdresser and ask our [ss_kw]stylist hairdressers[/ss_kw] for advice. If your problem is the lack of hydration, we will give you a solution so that your hair will go back to being the same.

How to hydrate your hair to have [ss_kw]strong[/ss_kw] and beautiful hair

Don’t forget that to have [ss_kw]healthy[/ss_kw] , flexible, elastic and easy-to-comb hair, it needs to be hydrated. To avoid excess dryness and make it look strong and [ss_kw]shiny[/ss_kw] again, follow the following recommendations from our [ss_kw]stylists[/ss_kw] :

  • Protect your hair from the sun by wearing hats or scarves.
  • If you are on the beach, in the pool, or practicing outdoor sports, wear a hair protector to avoid the action of UV rays.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin and hair inside and out. Water provides the hydration that your body needs for its proper functioning. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day so that your skin and hair maintain their elasticity and tone.
  • Use suitable products: mask, shampoo, conditioner and hydrating hair products.
  • Once a month, cut the ends to prevent splitting and keep the cut in perfect condition.

Consult your trusted stylists about the most appropriate treatments and care to keep your hair hydrated and shiny.

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.

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