Be supportive and cut your ponytail with us!

Any occasion is good to show your solidarity. A beautiful initiative in which many girls and young women participate who have decided to ” cut their ponytails ” and donate their hair to cancer patients to help children who suffer from this disease. Do you dare to show your most supportive side?

How I can help?

The Mechones Solidarios wig store and a network of hairdressers , among which we find ourselves, participate in this hair collection campaign to help children with cancer . The hair from the ponytails will be used to make wigs to give to children between 4 and 15 years old , with which the little patients will make hair loss as a result of chemotherapy treatment more bearable.

Now you can help children to feel good and smile when looking in the mirror, thanks to this beautiful gesture of solidarity in which we all win.

The campaign allows all children affected by cancer to wear their natural hair wigs 100% free. They will also have the possibility to choose the one they like the most and the one they are most handsome with.

Thanks to anonymous donations from people like you, many children smile again when looking in the mirror. Medical specialists say that feeling good physically is a great psychological help to cope with treatment in a positive way. Keep in mind that the wigs are of high quality and the result is completely natural. No one will notice the lack of hair and they will be able to wear their wigs until their own hair grows back!

Córtate la coleta
Click on the image and watch the video of Mina who visited our salon to join the # CórtateLaColeta campaign!

Join the initiative!

Not everyone knows that there is the possibility of donating their hair to join this initiative. That is why from Desancho we make an appeal for solidarity. Come to our hairdresser and cut your ponytail!

On your next visit, you just have to tell our hairdressers that you want to participate in the campaign by donating your hair. Thus, in addition to updating your look, you will be helping the children who need it most. Take the opportunity to do a 2X1: You leave the salon with a new hair style , and by the way, you help others with hair that you do not need. See how easy?

In our hairdresser in Valencia we select the best international trends and adapt them to your style.


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