Haircuts for round faces

Do you think your face is too round and that no haircut suits you? Error! Today the stylists at Desancho, your hairdresser in Valencia, are going to show you how to adapt your features to any trend cut. Short, midi or long?

Whatever your preference, we bring you the [ss_kw]haircuts for round faces[/ss_kw] that you can wear this year. Don’t miss a thing!

Examples of cuts for round face

To help you decide, here we bring you the [ss_kw]examples of hairstyles for round faces[/ss_kw] that our team of professionals has selected. There is sure to be one for you!


If a rounded face can afford one thing, it is a straight and simple cut. This is because the minimal style brings verticality to your face , making an effect of “lengthening” the face.

Long ya layers

If you have natural straight hair, the challenge is to achieve volume in the crown area. Straight cuts do not favor you, it is best to opt for a layered or stepped . Long hair is a good option for rounded faces as it helps to stylize the features. If, in addition, you have a nice long neck, do not hesitate and bet on this hair style with which you will look beautiful and stylized.

Our tips are:

  • The layered cut softens the features, helps to hide the curves of the face and gives movement to your hair. Opt for a hairstyle with long bangs , which covers a good part of the forehead to further lengthen your face.
  • If you have curly hair , you should avoid excess side volume. Instead, go for a layered cut to rebalance and optically lengthen your features.

Long bob

long bob - desancho

One of the [ss_kw]haircuts for round faces[/ss_kw] is the Long Bob. Why? Because the hair falls on the shoulders, balancing the features of the face . Contrary to its short version, which falls on the cheeks makes them wider. In addition, this cut can be worn with both straight and curly hair, it is one of the most versatile on the list and it never goes out of style.

Inverted “U”

What is the inverted “U”? This hairstyle plays with geometry. We cut the bangs so that it curves, making the roundness of your cheeks move to the forehead. The rest of the hairstyle is left completely straight, reaching the level of the jaw. It is the perfect way to transfer attention and to achieve an optical effect with your hair.


pixie - desancho

Much has been said that short hair does not favor rounded faces. However, with these tips you can show off your pixie without complexes:

  • Wisely paraded bangs
  • Leave sideburns
  • Do not cut just at the nape of the neck but lengthen towards the back of the neck


This is a clear [ss_kw]example of a hairstyle for a round face[/ss_kw] … And curly hair. The waves in your hair, sometimes, can play tricks on you and further enhance what you want to hide. For that there is the blunt style .

This cut consists of playing with the ends of the hair, taking them in the opposite direction to the face shapes. In short, it is about contrasting your hair with your cheeks .

Tips for round face hairstyles

Desancho’s stylists have prepared these tips for wearing [ss_kw]haircuts for round faces[/ss_kw] :

  • If your hair is very straight , the layered cut will bring light to the face and give it a more elongated visual effect.
  • If, on the other hand, your hair is more wavy, opt for cuts that clear the sides, leaving the crown area longer to achieve greater volume in that area.

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